Direct Response System

Direct Response System,

How Do You Define Direct Response System?

  • A marketing method that sells insurance without the services of a broker. Advertising in letters, newspapers, magazines, television, radio and other media attracts potential customers.

Literal Meanings of Direct Response System


Meanings of Direct:
  1. With or without someone in between.

  2. Government management or business control.

  3. It refers (to something) to a particular direction or to a particular person.

  4. Give (someone) government orders or government instructions.

  5. Move or relocate the shortest route from one place to another without changing direction or stopping.

  6. There are no factors or intermediaries.

  7. (A person or their behavior) on a straight line.

  8. At an infinite level.

Sentences of Direct
  1. Buy and save now

  2. The economic elite manages the affairs of the state

  3. Directing hot air to the passengers to go back through the hot air ducts

  4. The judge ordered him to serve the community.

  5. There are no direct flights on this day

  6. Complications are a direct result of the spread of bacteria.

  7. He is very straightforward and honest

Synonyms of Direct

command, immediate, manage, undeviating, open, uninhibited, instruct, govern, straight, level, point blank, straight to the point, sincere, give orders to, bluff, charge, first-hand, forthright, require, outspoken, head-on, without an intermediary, frank, honest, unmediated


Meanings of Response:
  1. Oral or written response

Sentences of Response
  1. Without waiting for an answer, he went back to his diary.


Meanings of System:
  1. A set of things that work together as part of a connection mechanism or network.

  2. A set of principles or methods by which something is done in an organized structure or method.

  3. The prevailing political or social order, especially when viewed as oppressive and stubborn.

  4. A set of sticks in a sheet of music that included a belt.

Sentences of System
  1. Rural railway system

  2. Multilateral system of government

  3. Don't try to ignore the system

Synonyms of System

arrangement, the establishment, officialdom, structure, the regime, manner, practice, line of attack, way, procedure, modus operandi, means, methodology, process, method, order, organization, apparatus, approach, line, technique, line of action, the powers that be, attack, the authorities, complex, network