Direct Overhead

Direct Overhead,

Direct Overhead means,

The definition of Direct Overhead is: For example, the overhead section. Lighting, rent, etc. which are directly related to the production of goods and services.

You can define Direct Overhead as, A portion of the indirect costs allocated for manufacturing by applying a standard factor called CHARGES RET or Total Rate Application Rate.

Literal Meanings of Direct Overhead


Meanings of Direct:
  1. With or without someone in between.

  2. Management control or governance functions.

  3. Pointing (something) in a certain direction or to a particular person.

  4. Give (someone) government orders or government instructions

  5. Move or relocate the shortest route from one place to another without changing direction or stopping.

  6. There are no factors or intermediaries.

  7. Pursuing (a person or their behavior)

  8. At an infinite level.

Sentences of Direct
  1. Buy and save now

  2. The economic elite manages the affairs of the state

  3. Directing hot air to the passengers to go back through the hot air ducts

  4. The judge ordered him to serve the community.

  5. There are no direct flights on this day

  6. Complications are a direct result of the spread of bacteria.

Synonyms of Direct

dictate, bluff, directly, order, face to face, frank, control, straight to the point, point blank, sincere, conduct, without an intermediary, govern, straight, immediate, matter-of-fact, instruct, open, straightforward, candid, level, first-hand, command, charge, personal, outspoken, handle, forthright, unswerving, undeviating


Meanings of Overhead:
  1. The height of the head in the sky

  2. General expenses or expenses.

  3. Slides designed for use with overhead projectors.

  4. An upper basket.

  5. Summary for overhead projectors

  6. Located above the height of the head.

  7. (Mechanism of motion) on top of the object being moved.

  8. (Expenses or Expenses) Costs in the maintenance or operation of a general plant, location or business and cannot be allocated to specific products or items.

Sentences of Overhead
  1. A helicopter is flying over something

  2. Space exploration requires more heads

  3. Software for creating slides, graphics and sheets

  4. Scholarships fit most airline headphones

  5. The sun has just risen

  6. Four cylinder camshaft engine

  7. Departments are often reluctant to pay full costs indirectly.

Synonyms of Overhead

aloft, expenses, operating costs, above one's head, budget items, up above, in flight, high up, elevated, fixed costs, above, suspended, raised, costs, aerial, on high, projecting, over one's head, up in the sky, in the sky, overhanging, running costs