Direct Business

Direct Business,

Direct Business: What is the Meaning of Direct Business?

  1. Direct Business means: Insurance directly with the insurance company, not through a broker.

Literal Meanings of Direct Business


Meanings of Direct:
  1. With or without someone in between.

  2. Management control or governance functions.

  3. Pointing (something) in a certain direction or to a particular person.

  4. Give (someone) government orders or government instructions.

  5. Move or relocate the shortest route from one place to another without changing direction or stopping.

  6. There are no factors or intermediaries.

  7. Chasing (a person or their behavior)

  8. At an infinite level.

Sentences of Direct
  1. Buy and save now

  2. The economic elite manages the affairs of the state

  3. Warm air direction to passengers through hot air ducts

  4. The judge ordered him to serve the community.

  5. There are no direct flights on this day

  6. Complications are a direct result of the spread of bacteria.

  7. He is very straightforward and honest

Synonyms of Direct

point blank, without an intermediary, open, frank, blunt, matter-of-fact, conduct, no-nonsense, head-on, forthright, unmediated, honest, directly, uninhibited, require, unswerving, run, candid, first-hand, command, bluff, dictate, tell, undeviating, level, instruct, manage, charge


Meanings of Business:
  1. Possession, occupation or habit of a person.

  2. The practice of making a living from business.

  3. An event or series of events that is usually embarrassing or disgraceful.

  4. Actions other than dialogue by actors.

  5. Verbal criticism.

Sentences of Business
  1. He will keep smiling a lot in his business

  2. Jewelry trade

Synonyms of Business

calling, vocation, trading, day job, trafficking, craft, phenomenon, profession, marketing, trade, employment, issue, walk of life, circumstance, position, commerce, occupation, job, buying and selling, set of circumstances, matter, dealing, pursuit, field, bargaining