Definition of Diploma:

  1. A certificate awarded by an educational establishment to show that someone has successfully completed a course of study.

  2. Formal document or charter given under seal to confer some honor or privilege. Originally (in Roman times) it meant official discharge of a veteran soldier which carried some benefits such as title to a specified piece of land. Only in Renaissance times (between the 13th and 16th centuries) it came to mean a legal instrument.

  3. Associate (and not a full) degree awarded by an educational institution.

Synonyms of Diploma

Affidavit, Attestation, Authority, Authorization, Bill of health, Brevet, Certificate, Certificate of proficiency, Certification, Charter, Concession, Credential, Deposition, Franchise, Grant, Letters patent, Liberty, Navicert, Notarized statement, Note, Patent, Royal grant, Sheepskin, Sworn statement, Testamur, Testimonial, Ticket, Visa, Vise, Voucher, Warrant, Warranty, Witness

How to use Diploma in a sentence?

  1. For more than a century the department of education has collected data on the number of high-school diplomas awarded each year.

Meaning of Diploma & Diploma Definition

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