Definition of Dip:

  1. A pickpocket.

  2. Put or let something down quickly or briefly in or into (liquid).

  3. Small and temporary drop in a price.

  4. Sink, drop, or slope downward.

  5. Powdered or finely cut tobacco that is held in the mouth, typically between the gums and lip, rather than smoked.

  6. A thick sauce in which pieces of food are dunked before eating.

  7. A brief downward slope followed by an upward one.

  8. The extent to which something is angled downward from the horizontal.

  9. A candle made by immersing a wick repeatedly in hot wax.

  10. A brief swim.

  11. Put a hand or tool into (a bag or container) in order to take something out.

  12. A stupid or foolish person.

Synonyms of Dip

Swim, Bathe, Dive, Plunge, Splash, Paddle, Sauce, Dressing, Relish, Creamy mixture, Acid bath, Alveolation, Alveolus, Antrum, Apply paint, Armpit, Ascend, Asperge, Attrition, Bail, Bank, Baptism, Baptize, Basin, Bath, Bayberry candle, Beat the drum, Bedaub, Bedizen, Begild, Besmear, Bougie, Bowl, Brush on paint, Bucket, Burial, Bury, Calcimine, Candle, Cannon, Cant, Careen, Cavity, Christen, Climb, Coat, Color, Complexion, Concave, Concavity, Corpse candle, Cover, Crab, Crater, Crypt, Cup, Curtailment, Cut, Cutpurse, Cutting, Dab, Daub, Decant, Decline, Declivity, Decrease, Decrement, Deep-dye, Deluge, Depletion, Depreciation, Depression, Derogation, Descend, Descent, Detraction, Diminution, Dipping, Dish, Dish out, Dish up, Disparagement, Distemper, Diver, Double-dye, Douse, Dousing, Downgate, Downgrade, Downhill, Downslide, Downswing, Downtrend, Downturn, Draw, Drop, Drown, Duck, Ducking, Dunk, Dunking, Dye, Emblazon, Enamel, Engild, Engulf, Engulfment, Exchange colors, Extraction, Face, Fall, Fall away, Fall off, Falling-off, Falloff, Farthing dip, Fast-dye, Feather, Fingersmith, Fishtail, Fixing bath, Flag, Flag down, Flash, Float, Flood, Flow on, Fold, Follicle, Fork, Fresco, Funnel chest, Gild, Give a signal, Give the nod, Glance, Glaze, Gloss, Go down, Go downhill, Go uphill, Grade, Grain, Hail, Hail and speak, Half-mast, Hang, Hanging, Hock, Hoist a banner, Hole, Hollow, Hollow shell, Hue, Illuminate, Imbue, Immerge, Immergence, Immerse, Immersion, Impairment, Impignorate, Incline, Ingrain, Inundate, Inundation, Japan, Keel, Kick, Lacquer, Lacuna, Lade, Ladle, Lay on color, Lean, Leer, Lessening, Light-fingered gentry, List, Loop, Make a sign, Mercury bath, Merge, Mobsman, Mortgage, Nod, Nose-dive, Nudge, Overwhelm, Paint, Parget, Pickpocket, Pigment, Pit, Pitch, Pledge, Plow, Plunge, Plunge in water, Pocket, Poke, Pop, Porpoise, Pour, Pour on, Prime, Pull out, Pull up, Punch bowl, Push down, Rain, Raise a cry, Rake, Reduction, Remission, Retraction, Retreat, Retrenchment, Rise, Roll, Rush candle, Rushlight, Sag, Salute, Scoop, Set, Shade, Shadow, Sheep dip, Sheer, Shell, Shellac, Shelve, Shortening, Shovel, Shrinkage, Sideslip, Sidle, Sign, Signal, Signalize, Sink, Sinkage, Sinkhole, Sinking, Sinus, Skew, Skid, Slant, Slip, Slop on paint, Slope, Slue, Sluice, Slump, Smear, Socket, Sound an alarm, Sound the trumpet, Souse, Sousing, Spade, Speak, Spin, Spiral, Spoon, Spout, Sprinkle, Stain, Stipple, Stoop, Stunt, Submerge, Submergence, Submerse, Submersion, Swag, Swamp, Sway, Swell-mobsman, Tallow candle, Tallow dip, Taper, Tilt, Tinct, Tincture, Tinge, Tint, Tip, Tone, Touch, Trough, Truncation, Tumble, Undercoat, Undulate, Unfurl a flag, Uprise, Varnish, Veer, Votary candle, Vug, Wash, Wave, Wave a flag, Wave the hand, Wax candle, Whelm, Whitewash, Wink, Wire, Yaw, Candle, Spill, Wick, Night light, Sink, Set, Drop, Drop down, Go down, Fall, Descend, Slope, Incline, Decline, Slant, Descent, Cant, Reach into, Put ones hand into, Immerse, Submerge, Plunge, Duck, Dunk, Lower, Sink, Idiot, Halfwit, Nincompoop, Blockhead, Buffoon, Dunce, Dolt, Ignoramus, Cretin, Imbecile, Dullard, Moron, Simpleton, Clod

How to use Dip in a sentence?

  1. He dipped a brush in the paint.
  2. Tasty garlic dip.
  3. She went for a dip in a pool.
  4. Ian dipped into his briefcase and pulled out a photograph.
  5. However, high cliffs make access to the base of sections difficult and dangerous to log, and the low angle of dip minimizes the practicality of logging smaller cliffs.
  6. The sun had dipped below the horizon.
  7. The roads precipitous dips and turns.

Meaning of Dip & Dip Definition

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