Definition of DIN:

  1. A loud, unpleasant, and prolonged noise.

  2. Make (someone) learn or remember something by constant repetition.

  3. Make a loud, unpleasant, and prolonged noise.

  4. Initials of the German standards institute: Deutsches Institut für Normung.

Synonyms of DIN

Uproar, Racket, Loud noise, Confused noise, Commotion, Cacophony, Babel, Hubbub, Tumult, Fracas, Clangour, Crash, Clatter, Clash, Bedlam let loose, Awake the dead, Babel, Beat, Bedlam, Blast, Blast the ear, Blatancy, Bobbery, Boisterousness, Boom, Brawl, Brouhaha, Charivari, Chirm, Clamor, Clamorousness, Clangor, Clap, Clash, Clatter, Commotion, Crash, Crescendo, Deafen, Ding, Discord, Donnybrook, Drum, Drunken brawl, Dustup, Fill the air, Flap, Fracas, Free-for-all, Hammer, Hell broke loose, Howl, Hubbub, Hue and cry, Hullabaloo, Jangle, Loud noise, Music, Noise, Noise and shouting, Outcry, Pandemonium, Peal, Percussion, Pound, Racket, Rattle, Rattle the windows, Rend the air, Rend the ears, Resound, Rhubarb, Ring, Rise, Roar, Rock the sky, Row, Ruckus, Ruction, Rumble, Rumpus, Shindy, Shivaree, Sound, Split the eardrums, Split the ears, Startle the echoes, Stridency, Stun, Surge, Swell, Thunder, Thunderclap, Tintamarre, Tumult, Uproar, Blare, Blast, Clang, Clatter, Crash, Clamour, Instil, Drive, Drum, Hammer, Drill, Implant, Ingrain, Inculcate

How to use DIN in a sentence?

  1. The sound dinning in my ears was the telephone ringing.
  2. The doctrine that has been dinned into all our heads.
  3. The fans made an awful din.

Meaning of DIN & DIN Definition