Definition of Diligence:

  1. Careful and persistent work or effort.

  2. Alertness, dedication, and industry shown in continual effort to accomplish a task, or in performance of a duty or obligation. See also due diligence.

Synonyms of Diligence

Conscientiousness, Assiduousness, Assiduity, Industriousness, Rigour, Rigorousness, Punctiliousness, Meticulousness, Carefulness, Thoroughness, Sedulousness, Attentiveness, Heedfulness, Earnestness, Intentness, Studiousness, Advertence, Advertency, Alertness, Application, Ardor, Assiduity, Assiduousness, Attention, Attention span, Attentiveness, Awareness, Bookishness, Bulldog tenacity, Care, Concentration, Consciousness, Consideration, Constancy, Dogged perseverance, Doggedness, Ear, Earnestness, Endurance, Energeticalness, Energy, Engrossment, Fervor, Fidelity, Heed, Heedfulness, Indefatigability, Industriousness, Industry, Insistence, Insistency, Intentiveness, Intentness, Laboriousness, Loyalty, Mindfulness, Note, Notice, Observance, Observation, Obstinacy, Pains, Painstaking, Painstakingness, Patience, Patience of Job, Permanence, Perseverance, Persistence, Persistency, Pertinaciousness, Pertinacity, Plodding, Plugging, Preoccupation, Regard, Regardfulness, Relentlessness, Remark, Resolution, Respect, Scholarliness, Scholarship, Sedulity, Sedulousness, Single-mindedness, Singleness of purpose, Slogging, Stability, Stamina, Staying power, Steadfastness, Steadiness, Stick-to-itiveness, Strenuousness, Stubbornness, Studiousness, Tenaciousness, Tenacity, Thoroughgoingness, Thoroughness, Thought, Tirelessness, Unremittingness, Unsparingness, Unswerving attention, Vehemence, Zealousness

How to use Diligence in a sentence?

  1. If you work on your homework with focus and diligence , you can finish it in less time and get better grades.
  2. The business owner was surrounded by a staff that worked with diligence and skill, so he was able to complete the project ahead of schedule.
  3. Few party members challenge his diligence as an MP.
  4. The professional piano player had gained his skill through decades of study and his diligence was much admired by his peers and his audience.

Meaning of Diligence & Diligence Definition