Digital Territory Analysis

Digital Territory Analysis

A method of improving the performance of your assets using digital tools to identify geographic issues that may affect your business performance.

Literal Meanings of Digital Territory Analysis


Meanings of Digital:
  1. (signals or data) expressed as a series of numbers 0 and 1, usually represented by the values ​​of a physical quantity such as voltage or magnetic bias.

  2. (clocks), which show the time by displaying numbers instead of hands or hands.

  3. Refers to one or more fingers.


Meanings of Territory:
  1. Territory under the jurisdiction of a sovereign or state.

  2. (especially in the US, Canada, or Australia) an organized subdivision of a country that has not yet been granted full state rights.

Sentences of Territory
  1. Enter territory.

  2. Controversial area of ​​clinical standards.

Synonyms of Territory

area of land, region, enclave, land, dependency, fief, demesne, area, zone, district, quarter, possession, soil, domain, dominion, country, holding, protectorate, county, sector, colony, state


Meanings of Analysis:
  1. A detailed study of the elements or structure of something.

  2. Abbreviation of psychoanalysis.

Sentences of Analysis
  1. Other analytic schools developed from the original disciplines established by Freud.

Synonyms of Analysis

review, inquiry, research, exploration, interpretation, study, anatomy, audit, investigation, probe, perusal, survey, examination, scanning, evaluation, inspection, anatomization, scrutiny

Digital Territory Analysis