Dig into Valley of Oyester Mushrooms – How It looks to How to it Cooks!

Raise your hand if you are fond of eating mushrooms because, in this post, I will take you into an insight into Oyster Mushroom, also known as Kings Trumpet Mushrooms. Eryngii is the botanical or scientific name of King Oyster Mushrooms.

You might have tried some wild-growing oyster mushrooms in your area, or you might be eager to know as you’ve heard a lot about it in cooking shows and regarding good health secret, so first you need to know all about Oyster mushrooms before you finally make a mind to buy it.

What is Oyster Mushroom?

Oyster mushrooms are a type of edible fungi, one of the most widely consumed mushrooms globally. The name of Oyster mushroom is derived from its oyster-shaped cap, very short or completely absent stem.

In the book definition, Pleurotus Eryngii is the scientific name of king Oyster Mushrooms. It is also known as; trumpet royal, king brown mushrooms, boletus of the steppes, and French horn mushrooms. However, King oyster mushroom naturally grows in the Middle East and North Africa.

Besides, it is commercially grown and harvested in many different countries throughout Asia and Australia, Italy, South Africa, and the US. This high nutritious mushroom is similar to the color of raw oysters. It is usually light grey or greyish-brown in color.

This king-size mushroom comes in several other colors, including pink and yellow! They are probably the most straightforward mushrooms to develop because of their rapid development, a wide assortment of possible substrates, and resistance to growing conditions.

It would appear that a smaller than usual Eryngii Mushroom plant. This post intends to feature the top medical advantages of clam mushrooms for youngsters, grownups and a stunning formula to cook eryngii mushrooms.

Where Does It Grow?

Oyster mushrooms are saprotrophic; this means this mushroom feeds on dead material. Hence, it is taken as a positive sign if this mushroom grows on dying or sick trees or dead logs.

Also, the Oyster mushrooms prefer deciduous hardwood trees such as; beech or aspen. But at times, they can again grow on coniferous trees.

How Oyster Mushrooms Taste?

Oyster mushrooms get a smooth oyster-like texture when cooked, and it gives a slight hint of seafood flavor. This can be attributed to its name.

Many people have observed that oyster mushrooms have a subtle anise flavor. However, the two flavors are hidden and are generally invisible once the mushrooms are fused into a dish. Typically, they have a gentle taste with a slight hearty note.

Different Types Of Oyster Mushrooms

Generally, there are many different types of oyster mushrooms, but here I am going to highlight the most common yet the popular ones;

Pearl Oyster

Scientifically known as; Pleurotus Ostreatus, the pearl oyster, is the most common type of oyster mushroom, especially in North America. It has a slightly woodsy and sweet taste, but it is milder and tender than a shiitake mushroom.

Blue Oyster

They are botanically known as; the Pleurotus Ostreatus var. Columbus, this mushroom isn’t blue, unlike the vibrant golden and pink oysters. Instead, it’s grey with a slight blueish shade. This type of oyster mushroom has pale gills, and dark caps, this contrast of colors gives an appealing appearance.

Apart from looks, blue oysters taste just like pearl oysters.

King Oyster

Scientifically known as; Pleurotus Eryngii, this king oyster has the biggest mushrooms compared to other oyster mushrooms, and it differs from other Pleurotus mushrooms. This mushroom individually grows with thick and meaty white stems and tan-colored caps.

It’s usually grown in the Middle East, Mediterranean, Asia, and Northern Africa

How to Pick the best Oyster Mushrooms?

While choosing an oyster mushroom, either in nature or supermarket, always look for mushrooms with clusters without any dark spots, as it shows that mushroom has high moisture content and is about to begin spoil.

On the other hand, the fresh oyster mushrooms have a bright color and springy texture

Top Health Benefits of Eryngii Mushroom for kids

Boost metabolism - The Eryngii mushroom plant helps to increase your kid’s metabolism. It is rich in phosphorous, vitamin B12, and other essential nutrients that keep your children energetic all-day

boost Immunity – It has been concluded from research by the American Society for Nutrition that mushrooms regulate and stimulates kid’s immunity system

Rich in Calcium - The increased calcium level in Eryngii mushrooms helps your children grow up as healthy beings.

Health Benefits of Mushroom for Grownups

Anti-inflammatory Properties

The oyster mushrooms are loaded with high anti-inflammatory properties. This makes it a beneficial addition to the daily diet as it helps controlling inflammation conditions such as; arthritis, muscular pain, and fibromyalgia.

These are essential indications of wrong aggravation and, in this manner, might profit from a dietary framework that is high in calming nourishments like clam mushrooms.

How to Cook Eryngii / Oyster Mushroom?

Following is the list of required Ingredients:

  • olive oil
  • flaky sea salt
  • 40g of unsalted butter, cubed
  • One sprig of thyme (if you need)
  • One garlic clove, bashed (if you need)
  • Two king oyster mushrooms


  • Cut mushrooms into longwise slices. At that point, cautiously take a 5mm askew confuse design into the cut side of cut mushrooms. This helps in cooking mushrooms uniformly, just as permitting preparing to enter the substance altogether.

  • Now heat a skillet on high warmth. When you smoke coming out, pour some oil cut mushrooms. At that point, it hinders warmth to medium.

  • Cook for 3–5 minutes, shifting on mushroom size until it goes to brilliant tone.

  • Now add a shape of margarine into a skillet. At the point when it gets liquefied, at that point add garlic, thyme, and season with salt

  • Turn the mushrooms over and season with the foaming margarine until they are cooked directly through.

  • Channel on kitchen move, sprinkle with flaky sea salt, and serve hot.

With What King Oyster Mushrooms Are Best to Pair / or Compatible with?

The delicate taste of Eryngii mushrooms infers they are exceptional at taking on intense flavors, for instance, soy sauce or garlic. That is the explanation we set sautéed cuts of the mushroom with a creamy soy sauce gel and a spoonful of umami-squeezed mushroom and Parmesan orzo.

He serves them with the intense sorts of truffle, a blue cheddar crumbles, and a sharp sherry vinegar gel in another dish.

If you need to get umami kind of mushroom, at that point cook some in frothing spread, and give a get done with hacked delicate spices, crushed lemon, and a liberal sprinkle of crunchy ocean salt. Present with bubbled or half-fry eggs for a lavish veggie cook.