Definition of Diffusion:

  1. The spreading of something more widely.

  2. Communication process in which behaviors, beliefs, ideas, information, opinions, practices, etc., seep in a community or society by the intermingling of its members.

  3. Natural process in which the atoms, molecules, or ions of different substances intermix due to their spontaneous random motion.

Synonyms of Diffusion

Spreading, Scattering, Dispersal, Dispersing

How to use Diffusion in a sentence?

  1. The diffusion of Duchamp’s thought and art.
  2. I mixed the container with the red die and the container with the blue die because of diffusion these 2 mixed and created a purple die.
  3. Today in science class we learned all about the process of diffusion which I found very interesting and engaging despite having no interest in science or how the world works.
  4. Rumors about the mayor spread through the small town by diffusion , so everyone soon knew he was about to propose to his girlfriend.

Meaning of Diffusion & Diffusion Definition