Definition of Differentiation:

  1. Consequences of trying to differentiate a product or brand as a supplier of special value to consumers over competitors.

  2. The act or process of differentiation.

Synonyms of Differentiation

Difference, Inconsistency, Individualism, Singularity, Choppiness, Unorthodoxy, Notation, Particularity, Hairsplitting, Analysis, Change, Specialization, Severalization, ■■■■■■■■■, Distinction, Manifestation, Expression, Characterization, Mutability, Variety, Disclosure, Approximation, Distinctiveness, Jerkiness, Microscopic distinction, Selection, Unconformity, Signification, Disorder, Showing, Unsteadiness, Nuance, Indication, Integrity, Pointing out, Differencing, Raggedness, Meaning, Divergence, Designation, Personalization, Alteration, Inversion, Dappleness, Pointing, Oneness, Personality, Extrapolation, Evolution, Practice, Multiplication, Equation, Particularization, Nonconformism, Egohood, Contradistinction, Interpolation, Versatility, Irregularity, Diversification, Individuality, Particularism, Unconformism, Selfness, Shade of difference, Severance, Personal equation, Desynonymization, Subtraction, Polarity, Variousness, Distinction, Variability, Changeability, Inconstancy, Addition, Integration, Uniqueness, Variegation, Pointing to, Divergence, Anatomization, Specification, Variation, Nonuniformity, Subtle distinction, Disequalization, Involution, Denomination, Capriciousness, Identity, Nominalism, Personal identity, Proportion, Nice distinction, Pluralism, Definition, Disjunction, Nonconformity, Indicativeness, Trichoschistism, Nonstandardization, Identification, Discrimination, Personship, Symptomaticness, Separation, Self-identity, Transformation, Demarcation, Changeableness, Disparity, Modification, Soul, Naming, Denotation, Motleyness, Description, Wavering, Deviation, Difference, Contrast, Divarication, Picking out, Delimitation, Reduction, Demarcation, Mercuriality, Distinguishment, Unevenness, Division, Individualization, Atomization, Individuation, Inequality, Selfhood, Instability, Separation, Suggestion, Show, Segregation, Differentness, Distinctness, Hint, Human factor

How to use Differentiation in a sentence?

  1. The company wants to guarantee differentiation by increasing the price of its products without raising prices, which makes it more attractive to potential buyers.
  2. The company hopes to cut prices in the hope that price differences will drive some consumers away from their competitors.
  3. When a volcano erupts, there are a variety of rocks formed by the mountain's magma.
  4. Packaging can be a means of distinguishing products.

Meaning of Differentiation & Differentiation Definition


Make sure products and services have a unique element that sets them apart from the rest.