Definition of Differential:

  1. Futures contracts are standardized in terms of the quality and quantity of a given commodity. Because of this, the futures price is representative of a typical range of qualities of commodities, and therefore is an average price. The price specific to origin and quality of any product is not always the same; it may be higher or lower. The premium or discount of the physical product, the differential, represents the value the market attaches to the product, plus or minus, depending on price/quality.

  2. Securities trading: Extra charge (typically 0.5 of a point or ¢12½ per share) added to the purchase price or subtracted from the selling price by a broker or dealer for odd lot (less than a round lot or standard trading unit) stock transactions. Also called odd lot differential.

  3. A differential is the degree of adjustment to the value or grade of physical deliverables, or to their location, as permitted by a futures contract. While not true for all, some futures contracts permit differentials, also known as an allowance. Such futures contracts permit the short position to make adjustments to the location of delivery and/or the grade or standard of the commodity or security to be delivered. These differentials are established on the par basis grade or in relation to a central location.

  4. Of, showing, or depending on a difference; differing or varying according to circumstances or relevant factors.

  5. A difference between amounts of things.

  6. General: Difference between comparable classes, entities, or items (such as costs and revenues) that change in quality, quantity, and degree at different rates between alternative courses of action.

Synonyms of Differential

Distinctive, Different, Dissimilar, Contrasting, Divergent, Disparate, Contrastive, Hydromatic, Accurate, Algorismic, Algorithmic, Aliquot, Appreciative, Aroma, Attribute, Automatic transmission, Badge, Brand, Cachet, Cardinal, Cast, Categorical, Character, Characteristic, Characterizing, Classificational, Classificatory, Cogwheel, Configuration, Contrastive, Critical, Cut, Decimal, Defining, Delicacy, Delicate, Delicate distinction, Denominative, Diacritical, Diagnostic, Differencing, Differentia, Differential gear, Differentiative, Digital, Discriminate, Discriminating, Discriminative, Distinction, Distinctive, Distinctive feature, Distinguishing, Divisional, Divisionary, Earmark, Even, Exact, Exponential, Fastidious, Feature, Figural, Figurate, Figurative, Figure, Fine, Fine point, Finite, Flavor, Fractional, Freewheel, Gear, Gear train, Gearbox, Gearing, Gearshift, Gearwheel, Gust, Hairline, Hallmark, High, Idiocrasy, Idiosyncrasy, Idiosyncratic, Imaginary, Impair, Impossible, Impress, Impression, Index, Individualism, Individualizing, Individuating, Infinite, Integral, Intermediate, Irrational, Keynote, Lineaments, Logarithmic, Logometric, Low, Mannerism, Margin, Mark, Marking, Mold, Narrow margin, Nature, Negative, Neutral, Nice, Nice distinction, Nicety, Nuance, Numeral, Numerary, Numerative, Numeric, Odd, Odor, Ordinal, Overdrive, Pair, Particle of difference, Particular, Particularity, Peculiar, Peculiarity, Personalizing, Point of difference, Positive, Possible, Precise, Prejudiced, Prime, Property, Quality, Quirk, Rack, Radical, Rational, Real, Reciprocal, Refined, Refinement, Reverse, Savor, Seal, Selective, Sensitive, Separative, Shade of difference, Shape, Singularity, Smack, Special, Specialty, Specific, Stamp, Standard transmission, Stick shift, Subdivisional, Submultiple, Subtle, Subtle distinction, Subtlety, Surd, Synchromesh, Tactful, Taint, Tang, Taste, Taxonomic, Token, Trait, Transcendental, Transmission, Trick, Typal, Typical, Wide margin, Difference, Gap, Gulf, Divergence, Disparity, Discrepancy, Imbalance, Inequality, Contrast, Distinction

How to use Differential in a sentence?

  1. The differential between gasoline and diesel prices.
  2. Some futures contracts allow for differentials, while others do not. If permitted, the contacts would typically allow the short position to take the differential. .
  3. A differential is the adjustment to grade or value of an underlying asset specified as the deliverable in a futures contract.
  4. A futures contract sets out standardized terms for the underlying asset, where differentials include any modifications to the contract terms.
  5. The differential achievements of boys and girls.

Meaning of Differential & Differential Definition