Different Types of Storage Boxes and Their Uses

There is no doubt that cardboard [storage boxes](https://howtodiscuss.com/t/what-are-they-types-of-storage-boxes/29629) are a popular choice for moving and storage. They are convenient and inexpensive storage units designed in a way to protect against any vibrations, jerks, and shocks. The major benefit of using cardboard boxes is that they can be recycled.

Storage boxes are not just about validating that all things are packed in a definite space. Choosing the right [boxes for moving house](https://www.packagingexpress.co.uk/boxes) as per the requirement is equally important, for keeping all your belonging safe and secure. The type of box you choose for your belongings matters a lot. Choosing the right size and shape make sense. Boxes come in different sizes and shapes and each has a predetermined function.

Cardboard Boxes

Cardboard removal boxes are made up of hard paper like material such as paperboard or fibreboard and are prefabricated. They are primarily used for packaging goods and are an economical, lightweight option for easy packing, storing and labelling. Considering the size, there are mainly four types.

  • Small Cardboard boxes

A standard small box can hold up to 50 pounds. It is advisable to pack heavy items like books or fragile items that can be broken easily in small cardboard boxes.

  • Medium Cardboard Boxes

Medium-size boxes are a great option for packing things like clothes and toys. A standard cardboard box can hold up 60-56 pounds.

  • Large Cardboard Boxes

Large cardboard boxes are bigger than medium ones but can hold up to 65 pounds of capacity. Things like blankets or small kitchen items can be kept in them.

  • Extra Large Storage Boxes

They are heavy as compared to other size boxes. Hence, for safety and protection, it is advisable to keep lightweight and unbreakable items.

Special Boxes

Keeping in mind clients' requirement for their products or the purpose of marketing, the shape of the cardboard removal boxes are customized. They are designed to store and deliver a particular item. They are expensive as compared to regular traditional boxes but are easy to pack. Usually, electronic appliances such as TV, computer, teacups are packed inside specially made boxes.

Wardrobe Boxes

Wardrobe storage boxes are another special kind of boxes made for carrying delicate clothes. They are designed so that clothes can move from one place to another without being crushed or smashed. They come along with hanging bars on the top so that you can hang your clothes instead of having to fold them. They come in different sizes, ranging from small to large. You can choose your size according to the size of the clothes you will keep in. The best part about these wardrobe storage boxes is that the bottom part can be utilized for keeping other stuff like shoes or purses.

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