Different Types of Activated Charcoal

Activated charcoal has significantly impacted our lifestyle and routine and is beneficial for the beauty industry and health. Coconut Shell Charcoal Suppliers suggest that there are multiple uses, application, and types of activated charcoal but let see some of the things through which we can achieve a fair and adequate quality activated charcoal.

Activated charcoal is made from wood, bamboo, and coal, and pure carbon. These substances are formed for multiple purposes like health, beauty, and food purposes. Moreover, we can get high-quality charcoal by oxidizing charcoal at high-temperature activating it through steam and air.

Moreover, we gain highly efficient charcoal through this process as it develops very tiny pores and is best for trapping and binding molecules and chemicals. Also, it is not safe to make activated charcoal at home through barbecuing charcoal as it is different from this and can release harmful chemicals into the atmosphere.

The coconut shell, bamboo, and hardwood activated charcoal are safe and environmentally friendly than the regular charcoal. Here we will discuss the health benefits and types of activated charcoal.

Types of activated charcoal

There are three types of activated charcoal coconut shell, bamboo, and hardwood. Let’s look at the benefits of using them in your daily life.

Coconut and Bamboo Activated Charcoal

Here are some of the benefits of coconut and bamboo activated charcoal, which is safe for external and internal uses. However, they are challenging to scrub off and clean.

Aids Digestion

It helps in better digestion, bloating, and gas relief, making the shakes, juices, and smoothies more digestible and healthier when added to them.


It is best for detoxification to remove all the toxin bodies from the body and kill germs.

Healthier Hair and Skin

The coconut activates charcoal is the best natural remedy for hair and skins. If you add them to your shampoo, they will strengthen your hair quality and increase hair growth. Activated charcoal is also beneficial for the skin as it removes the acne and scars and makes it smooth and soft. Additionally, make your skin overall health.

Odor Control

The microporous quality of the coconut activated charcoal powder permits it to engross odors quickly and fast. It removes and prevents a lousy odor than any other charcoal powder.


People can use this charcoal to ease the burns, boils, infections, splinters, and other minor skin infections and problems by just using salt, whole herbs, baking soda, and activated charcoal by wrapping them in a piece of cloth and applying or putting them on your skin.

Treats Poisoning

It is beneficial medically as well as is used as an antidote to treat poison. Moreover, some people use them to prevent and control the hangover as it absorbs the body’s alcohol before it gets full control over our bodies.

Hardwood Activated Charcoal

Hardwood activated charcoal is beneficial for external use, and it much easier to scrub and clean off than coconut and bamboo charcoal. Some benefits of hardwood started charcoal include.

Whiten Your Teeth

Hardwood is great for whitening the teeth as it absorbs large color molecules and less in particle diameter. If you leave the activated hardwood charcoal on your teeth for two to three minutes, it will act as a whitening agent and help lessen the yellowish color from teeth and lessen your teeth’ discoloration.

So, you can embrace them in your daily routine and can see the improvement within two weeks. As a result, you will get white, stain-free, and healthier teeth.

Ease Bites, Wounds, and Burns

With little activated charcoal powder, you can treat insect bites, burns, and wounds, which are unavoidable. Mix the activated charcoal with water and apply it to the wounded or infected area by any mosquito or insect bite. It will reduce the redness and the swelling on the wound and quickly heal them.

Treat Acne

People who deal with acne issues and face acne problems every day and want to smooth their skin and remove the scars can use this activated charcoal. It prevents acne, velar blackhead, and whiteheads and controls the oiling. It is best for oily skin.

If your ad is in your face wash or face scrub and uses it, it will act as a skin cleanser and penetrate through the pores if you help clarify skin and remove the dust particles and dirt from the skin and detoxify the skin.

Other benefits of activated charcoal

Remove toxins such as binds metals, molds, and pathogens.

Prevent illness when traveling

Reduces inflammation

Cool Facts about Activated Charcoal

It is best to treat minor poisoning, so the bamboo activated charcoal in bamboo is used in Japanese culture confectioneries.

One cool fact about hardwood activated charcoal powder is that it effectively adsorbs intermediate-sized molecules like most toxins and removes pigments from water and other liquids.

Coconut shell activated charcoal powder has multiple benefits and is the most environmentally friendly charcoal, and is suitable for making ultra-fine quality products, including make-up products, deodorants, soaps.

Coconut shell activated charcoal enhances the food flavor and improves food-grade quality. That is why many food makers use them to make bread, smoothies, chocolate, and creams.

Adding Activated Charcoal to Your Daily Routine

People who want to take activated charcoal and use them daily should have proper guidance and precautions before using it. Beginners who are taking them are suggested to start with a small amount, like half a spoon daily. Slowly increase the dose as it causes some issues like dehydration, constipation, and regurgitation.

Moreover, suppose you are creating or using them for any medical purpose. In that case, it is better to consult a doctor because taking it will other substances may reduce its potency and be not that effective. Also, to avoid any risk or problem, take proper instructions before use.

Further, most medical professionals suggest using an adequate amount of water to cause dehydration and avoid constipation. However, it is the most beneficial natural elements acceptable for internal and external use.