Difference-in-conditions (DIC) Insurance

Difference-in-conditions (DIC) Insurance,

Difference-in-conditions (DIC) Insurance:

  • Difference-in-conditions (DIC) Insurance can be defined as, (1) When the standard market does not adequately offer coverage limits, the standard coverage forms to meet the risks excluded or to meet international guidelines developed by approved insurers. , Policy to increase coverage by providing additional coverage limits for certain risks. Applicable in foreign country. (2) In addition to commercial property insurance, property insurance covers all risks that are not covered by commercial property insurance (which is not usually covered by floods and earthquakes). ()) Comprehensive risk insurance validation for the contractor, which closes the gap between the policy provided by the project owner and the contractor's policy, so that the contractor has a comparison of the insurance which has the contractor's coverage Be arranged . Producer Risk Management Program. If the project owner decides to provide risk protection to the builder to all parties with non-binding interest, the project is usually removed from the scope of the contractor's policy. DIC drivers generally claim that, to the extent that the policy provided by the owner does not cover damages, but will come under the policy of the contractor, this coverage is maximized. ()) Insurance policies aimed at bridging the gap between the basic insurance policy of a multinational organization (equity or liabilities) and the coverage of policies purchased in accordance with the insurance requirements of each country in Korea. Has uniformity. Regardless of location coverage. This policy is known as the DIC Foreign Policy.

  • A special form of open hazard compound, written in relation to the basic fire compound, to protect against damage in the form of a standard fire. Some examples are floods and earthquakes.

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