Difference Between Permutation And Combination

Difference Between Permutation And Combination

Can someone tell me the difference between layout and combination?

Thanks in advance, I read some articles on the web, but I managed to find some information that can help me understand.

So please explain it easily.

Continuity and change

When we talk about order and combination in everyday language, we often use two terms together. However, both have very special meanings in mathematics and this distinction often causes problems.


Arranging more than one item is the number of different ways they can be ordered. H. First, second, third, etc. Are also important.

With Comnations, on the other hand, the order in which items are censored or placed is not considered, but only those items are censored.

We can summarize changes and combinations (very easily) as.

The change of position is important (although the price is also important)

Important record,

Which can help you remember who is who.

In English, we use the word commissions freely, regardless of the importance of the order of things.

In other words:

Ma Salde de Fruits is a mixture of French fries, gas and bananas. Fruit salad.

Communication with Vault is 472. Now we take care of the order. 724 will not work and 247 will not work. That should be exactly 472.

Therefore, we use more accurate language in mathematics:

If the order does not matter, then it is an order.

If the order is important, it is a configuration.

So we can call it a trade block!

In other words:

Changes are ordered in combination.

To become a compound, three conditions must be met, one million. Beans all csr 2. The product cannot be repeated 3. The order is no longer counted differently, ie only licenses.

Variations refer to the order of certain items. For example, if you take A B C, you can sort these letters in 6 different ways: ABC ACB BAC BCA CAB CBA. If you have n elements, then n will be the factorials (denoted by n) = N * (n1) * (n2) * ... * 1 How to sort them.

Communication is about the different ways to get a set of Item K from your successor, and it doesn't matter how you choose your Item K. For example, you can see if you want to select 2 letters of ABC, you can get AB, AC or BC. BA is equal to AAB because order is not important. Are usually n! / [(NK)! k!] Special comments you can make.

So the difference is that the license is about organizing a set of elements, while Collections is about choosing a unique subset of your set of elements.

Difference Between Permutation And Combination

Difference Between Permutation And Combination

Order count, order count, no contact.

Communication is just a selection of specific items, no matter the order because you are only creating a group of items.

Permissions are a sequence of selected items, order is important here because it puts them in a particular order.

Difference Between Permutation And Combination