DIF (Data Interchange Format)

DIF (Data Interchange Format)

File format developed for VisCalc, the first spreadsheet. It is still used to transfer files to and from spreadsheets.

Literal Meanings of DIF (Data Interchange Format)


Meanings of Data:
  1. (plural: data) A measure of something on a scale that both the writer (person or device) and the reader (another person or device) can understand. The scale is set arbitrarily, e.g. 1-10 times one, 1-100 times 0.1, or just true or false, on or off, yes, no or maybe, etc.

  2. (plural: data) A fact known by direct observation.

  3. (plural: data) the starting point from which conclusions are drawn.

  4. (plural: dates) A ​​fixed reference point or coordinate system.


Meanings of Interchange:
  1. Switch act.

  2. An intersection where traffic can cross from one lane to another without crossing the flow of traffic.

  3. A connection between two or more lines, services or vehicles will be understood as a station where said connection can be made.

  4. Change (any of two things).

  5. Give and receive (something) in return.

  6. Swap or barter.

  7. Alternately intertwined or varied.

  8. Act as or make an exchange (noun meaning 2, 3).

Sentences of Interchange
  1. Holborn Underground Station is the only transfer point between the Central and Piccadilly lines of the London Underground.

  2. Change places.

  3. Turn sadness into joy.


Meanings of Format:
  1. The design of the publication or document.

  2. (hence) A form of representation of something.

  3. The type of program the radio station is broadcasting, such as a particular genre of music, news, sports, talk, etc.

  4. File type.

  5. Create or change the layout of a document.

  6. Adjust the document to match a different page type.

  7. Prepare the storage medium for the first use, removing all existing data.

Sentences of Format
  1. The radio changed the format of the evening programs.

  2. I lost my job for weeks when I accidentally formatted my hard drive.

DIF (Data Interchange Format)