Dieta De 1200 Calorias

Dieta De 1200 Calorias

How much weight can I lose in a week after 1200 calories a day?

It depends a lot on your soul and all the other physical activities (for example, do you go to school or work?). Also, it depends on how much you ate before. You eat more than 1200 kcal, more slimming, more, but not more or less, less slimming. It also depends on how many muscles you have in your body (muscles eat calories). Finally, loaded with different metals. With an average of 1200 calories after physical activity, it is possible to lose 500 grams to 1 kg weight each week. But it's very variable, as I've said before.


I found out what the common denominator is here! I'm so surprised and amazed, maybe it will help you too !! Access or link below:

1 day:

All fruits except bananas. Your first day consists of all the fruits you ever want, except bananas. Watermelon and watermelon or thyme have fewer calories than most fruits. Eat soup and fruit today. You can also drink tea, coffee, juice, alcohol or water, but all without sugar.

2 days:

All visible. Preferably eat steak or fresh, raw or cooked peas. Buy green pulses and slaughtered dried beans, lentils, peas and millets. Eat soup and peas for dessert. For dinner, if I want, I can put a big sweet potato cooked in butter.

Reminders: Don't eat fruit.

Day 3:

Eat as many soups, fruits and vegetables as you like. You can also eat baked sweet potatoes. When you have eaten like this for three days, with this confidence and in a sufficient, balanced amount, you will know that you have lost 2,300 kg to 3,200 kg.

Fourth day:

Make and lean. Eat, tie six bananas, and drink as much skim milk flakes with the soup. Bananas have calories and carbohydrates, eat or eat on this special day, your body needs lots of fat, carbohydrates, protein and calcium to relax or take the car.

Day 5:

FES and tomatoes. You can eat 280g to 400g of fresh and unique tomato cans of the day for a fee and stories. Baby carp with 6 to 8 flakes of water for washing and disposal or uric acid leaving your body. Drink hair soup once a day to avoid running.

Sixth day:

Legumes FES E. Eat pheasants and vegetables in moderation, as you wish, up to or limited to 3 large beans, please do not eat coke potties. Be sure to cut down on hair soup once a day.

Seventh day:

Rice, raisins and fruits: Prefers whole nasi over juices, clean without bouncing and mixed vegetables. Again, see e. Eat less soup once

This is 1200 kcal, you will lose more, he has more, but no or not more, you will lose less. It also depends on how much muscle you have in your body (muscle uses calories). Finally packed in healthy glass. With an average of 1,200 calories after exercise, it is possible to lose 500 g to 1 kg weight each week. But it's very variable, as I've said before.


Dieta De 1200 Calorias