Definition of Die:

  1. Cutting hollow or solid metal molds or punching parts or shapes, bars or cables to make a punch, piercing, punching, pulling or threading inside or out. The hollow shape used in molding or molding is also known as shape.

  2. Used to emphasize that you really want to do something or achieve something.

  3. (A person, animal or plant) dies.

  4. Having an orgasm

Synonyms of Die

Kick off, Fail, Balustrade, Kick in, Do a fade-out, Pilaster, Dispel, Surbase, Cease to exist, Stem, Go to meet ones maker, Peter out, Fade out, Wear away, Go the way of the flesh, Subbase, Go away, Wear off, Pass out, Staff, Ache, Be very keen, Baluster, Pass over, Erode, Evaporate, Fall away, Itch, Vanish from sight, Flame out, Newel-post, Depart this life, Hit the skids, Fizzle, Be consumed, Stalk, Dissipate, Pass on, Slump, Trunk, Pass away, Etching point, Run down, Die out, Form, Become void, Footstalk, Stanchion, Yearn, Decline, Pile, Pass, Run its course, Lay down ones life, Shoe last, Point, Jack, Etching ground, Pillar, Decease, Conk out, Be very eager, Pedicel, Loaded dice, Depart this life, Stamp, Expire, Lose ones life, Flee, Come to naught, Pretty, Stick, Leave no trace, Pass on, Suffer an eclipse, Ivories, Stop breathing, Cross the Styx, Go dead, Ebb, Slide, Go out, Slip, Style, Become extinct, Caryatid, Go down, Exit, Quit this world, Pedestal, Bones, Perish, Retire from sight, Dissolve, Piling, Matrix, Run out, Post, Depart, Draw ones last breath, Crap game, Sink away, Cast, Reach the depths, Evanesce, Socle, Lapse, Burn, Go to ones last resting place, Be no more, Have run out, Perish, Wane, Die away, Go downhill, Template, Craps, Scorper, Colonnade, Be all over, Teeth, Go, Pole, Drop, Intaglio, Dado, Burn out, Sink, Elapse, Rocker, Touch bottom, Cash in, Up and die, Cop out, Be done for, Cross the great divide, Base, Blow over, Etching ball, Cease to be, Disperse, Conk, Croak, Plaything, Hit a slump, Breathe ones last, Check out, Needle, Subside, Melt away, Expire, Peduncle, Dice, Waste away, Crooked dice, Sputter and stop, Succumb, Put off mortality, Cease, Waste, Be desperate, Pier, Be wiped out, Disappear, Cubes, Queen-post, Stand, Be annihilated, Banister, Hit rock bottom, Be past, Fall asleep, Pip, Be lost, Go the way of all flesh, Etching needle, Engraving tool, Last, Seal, Dematerialize, Part, End, Upright, Fizzle out, Come to nothing, Go off, Crap shooting, Meet ones end, Graver, Long, Meet ones death, Shaft, Peg out, Be lost, Stall, Punch, Be destroyed, Column, Pop, Melt, Pass away, Bird cage, Demise, Yield the ghost, Vanish, Be no more, Burin, Hide, Plinth, Have it, Have its time, Negative, Fall, Mint, Poker dice, Mold, Standard, Fly, Fall off, Fade, Dwindle, Cease to live, Leave the scene, Return to dust, Be gone, Fade away, Go to glory, Toy

How to use Die in a sentence?

  1. The king died mercilessly.

Meaning of Die & Die Definition

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