Did Not Received

Did Not Received

Do they learn good English grammar or not? ۔

You don't get [no]

Active voice last

You won't get ...

The current tense and dynamic sound.

It's up to them what they mean.

For example, if I change your sentence so that the girls get the letters and they communicate with the girls, the correct sentence is: Girls don't do that. It cannot be said that girls do not accept it, because it is already in the past tense and there is no need to associate receiving in this way. You need it too, because accepting is like a temporary action and requires something.

However, when referring to characters, the required sentence is not accepted. Unlike the first sentence, acceptance is a state of being and not an actual verb, it is reinforced by the presence of the word state.

I'm not an English teacher, but I tried to make it easy for you to understand.

Did Not Received