Definition of Dictionary:

  1. Reference source of words in a language or discipline, arranged alphabetically. In addition to defining the words, larger dictionaries also provide information on the spellings, pronunciation, word origins (etymology), functions, and different forms of the word. See also thesaurus.

  2. A book or electronic resource that lists the words of a language (typically in alphabetical order) and gives their meaning, or gives the equivalent words in a different language, often also providing information about pronunciation, origin, and usage.

Synonyms of Dictionary

Lexicon, Wordbook, Glossary, Vocabulary list, Vocabulary, Word list, Wordfinder, Biographical dictionary, Cant, Chemical dictionary, Desk dictionary, Dialect dictionary, Dictionary of quotations, Electronics dictionary, Etymological dictionary, Foreign-language dictionary, Gazetteer, General dictionary, Geological dictionary, Gloss, Glossary, Gradus, Jargon, Language, Lexicon, Nomenclator, Onomasticon, Palaver, Phrase book, Polyglot dictionary, Promptorium, Rhyming dictionary, Science dictionary, Slang dictionary, Specialized dictionary, Synonym dictionary, Synonymy, Terminology, Thesaurus, Treasury of words, Unabridged dictionary, Vocabulary, Word list, Wordbook

How to use Dictionary in a sentence?

  1. Ill look up ‘love’ in the dictionary.
  2. While the other kids were outside riding bikes or playing video games, I spent much of my childhood free time with my face ■■■■■■ in a dictionary , learning and absorbing as much as I could.
  3. Ken passed through school without doing much work, but when he got a dictionary for his birthday, he found out that he was spelling many words incorrectly.
  4. The seasoned teacher kept a large tattered dictionary in the back corner of the classroom, so if any student asked what a word meant, he simply pointed at the corner and said go look it up.

Meaning of Dictionary & Dictionary Definition

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