Definition of Dialectic:

  1. Relating to dialectic or dialectics; dialectical.

  2. Socratic method of analysis through question-answer approach. Dialectic is derived from the Greek adjective dialektikos, meaning of conversation, debate, or discussion.

  3. Inquiry into metaphysical contradictions and their solutions.

  4. The art of investigating or discussing the truth of opinions.

Synonyms of Dialectic

Aristotelian logic, Boolean algebra, Ramistic logic, Airing, Algebra of classes, Algebra of relations, Analysis, Buzz session, Canvassing, Colloquium, Conference, Consideration, Debate, Debating, Deliberation, Dialectics, Dialogue, Discussion, Disputation, Doctrine of inference, Doctrine of terms, Epistemological logic, Examination, Exchange of views, Experimental logic, Forensic, Formal logic, Forum, Investigation, Joint discussion, Logic, Logical analysis, Logical discussion, Logics, Logistic, Material logic, Mathematical logic, Open discussion, Open forum, Panel discussion, Propositional calculus, Psychological logic, Psychologism, Rap, Rap session, Review, Seminar, Set theory, Study, Symposium, Town meeting, Treatment, Ventilation, Reasoning, Argumentation, Contention, Logic, Rational, Rationalistic, Logical, Analytical

How to use Dialectic in a sentence?

  1. Before the appendices he includes a jokey bit of philosophical dialectic.
  2. Because of these problems, there is a danger that the dialectic approach will seem unscientific and its strengths will be overlooked.
  3. That is to say, we want to carve out a place for conversation, dialogue, dialectic, and debate.

Meaning of Dialectic & Dialectic Definition