Definition of Diagram:

  1. Collection of points whose coordinates satisfy a given condition or relation as in a mathematical function.

  2. A simplified drawing showing the appearance, structure, or workings of something; a schematic representation.

  3. Drawing that illustrates or visually explains a thing or idea by outlining its component parts and the relationships among them.

  4. Represent (something) in graphic form.

Synonyms of Diagram

Alphabet, Art, Black and white, Blueprint, Brouillon, Cartoon, Catalog, Catalogue raisonne, Catch a likeness, Chalk, Character, Charactering, Characterization, Characterize, Charcoal, Charcoal drawing, Chart, Chiaroscuro, Choreography, Color, Conventional representation, Copy, Crayon, Crosshatch, Dance notation, Dash off, Daub, Delineate, Delineation, Demonstration, Depict, Depiction, Depictment, Design, Doodle, Draft, Drama, Draw, Drawing, Ebauche, Elevation, Esquisse, Exemplification, Figuration, Figure, Graph, Ground plan, Hatch, Hieroglyphic, Hit off, House plan, Ichnography, Iconography, Ideogram, Illustration, Imagery, Imaging, Lay off, Lay out, Letter, Limn, Limning, Line drawing, Logogram, Logograph, Map, Map out, Mark off, Mark out, Musical notation, Notate, Notation, Outline, Paint, Paint a picture, Pastel, Pattern, Pen-and-ink, Pencil, Pencil drawing, Pictogram, Picture, Picturization, Picturize, Plan, Plot, Plot out, Portraiture, Portray, Portrayal, Prefigurement, Presentment, Print, Printing, Profile, Projection, Realization, Register, Render, Rendering, Rendition, Represent, Representation, Rough, Rough copy, Rough draft, Rough outline, Rub, Schema, Schematize, Scheme, Score, Scratch, Script, Scumble, Set out, Shade, Silhouette, Silver-print drawing, Sinopia, Skeleton, Sketch, Sketch out, Stencil, Study, Syllabary, Symbol, Symbolize, Tablature, Table, Table of contents, Take a rubbing, Tint, Trace, Trace out, Trace over, Tracing, Vignette, Working drawing, Write, Writing, Drawing, Line drawing, Illustration, Picture, Artists impression

How to use Diagram in a sentence?

  1. As an example, if youve been doing research of what homes in the prairie of the United States looked like in the 1800s vs. today, you could create a diagram using a graph or chart comparison of your findings.
  2. The experiment is diagramed on page fourteen.
  3. A diagram of the living room.
  4. I will make you a DIAGRAM of the main board so you can know where to solder the parts, you should always have a DIAGRAM of what you are building before you begin the task.
  5. I explained my idea in a multitude of ways including drawing a simple diagram that the crowd really appreciated greatly.

Meaning of Diagram & Diagram Definition