Definition of Diagram:

  1. A set of points whose points satisfy certain conditions or relationships, such as in a mathematical function.

  2. A simple image that shows the appearance, structure, or function of an object in a project display.

  3. An image that visually illustrates or explains an object or idea highlights its components and the relationship between them.

  4. Image plot (something).

Synonyms of Diagram

Art, Catalogue raisonne, Catalog, Daub, Imaging, Paint a picture, Register, Esquisse, Crayon, Scumble, Lay out, Black and white, Portraiture, Illustration, House plan, Exemplification, Illustration, Rough, Ebauche, Hatch, Choreography, Figuration, Crosshatch, Tint, Drama, Prefigurement, Design, Notate, Rough copy, Doodle, Blueprint, Ichnography, Rendition, Line drawing, Iconography, Silhouette, Dance notation, Character, Paint, Line drawing, Chart, Pencil, Cartoon, Color, Vignette, Profile, Presentment, Depiction, Portrayal, Score, Rendering, Pictogram, Limning, Copy, Charactering, Table of contents, Elevation, Schematize, Symbol, Sinopia, Drawing, Hit off, Silver-print drawing, Working drawing, Print, Depict, Alphabet, Writing, Demonstration, Represent, Letter, Trace out, Logogram, Trace, Map out, Table, Syllabary, Dash off, Drawing, Write, Charcoal, Stencil, Artists impression, Picture, Plot, Trace over, Take a rubbing, Musical notation, Imagery, Delineate, Mark off, Characterize, Logograph, Rough outline, Outline, Picture, Conventional representation, Scratch, Schema, Portray, Shade, Pencil drawing, Hieroglyphic, Symbolize, Plan, Set out, Rough draft, Study, Rub, Catch a likeness, Tracing, Draw, Limn, Representation, Sketch out, Plot out, Sketch, Picturize, Script, Mark out, Chiaroscuro, Charcoal drawing, Chalk, Map, Pattern, Ideogram, Brouillon, Picturization, Scheme, Figure, Projection, Printing, Depictment, Render, Lay off, Pastel, Ground plan, Graph, Realization, Pen-and-ink, Notation, Delineation, Draft, Characterization, Tablature, Skeleton

How to use Diagram in a sentence?

  1. For example, if you learned how to compare pasture homes in the United States in the 19th century, you can use a graph or graphical comparison of your results to create a graph.
  2. This experiment is described on page 14.
  3. Living room drawing.
  4. I will make a diagram of the motherboard so that you know where to weld the parts. You should always have a graphic of what you have created before starting any work.
  5. I express my ideas in many ways, including simple drawings that the audience likes.

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