Definition of Devolution:

  1. Delegation or passing of authority, duty, power, and/or right by succession or transfer.

  2. The transfer or delegation of power to a lower level, especially by central government to local or regional administration.

Synonyms of Devolution

Decentralization, Delegation, Dispersal, Distribution, Transfer, Surrender, Relinquishment

How to use Devolution in a sentence?

  1. Science has advanced far beyond what is taught in schools because there are so many people who want to teach religious ideas instead of proven ones, leading to a devolution of our intelligence.
  2. Even after devolution, local government had little autonomy.
  3. After the election results were in, the devolution of power from the outgoing president to her successor began at once.
  4. The devolution of work from corporate to the managers and then the employees is necessary to keep the workflow efficient.

Meaning of Devolution & Devolution Definition