Definition of Devise:

  1. A clause in a will leaving something, especially real estate, to someone.

  2. Plan or invent (a complex procedure, system, or mechanism) by careful thought.

  3. Gift of a real property by a will. The giver (will maker) is called a devisor (or distributor) and the recipient is called a devisee (or distributee). See also bequest and legacy.

  4. Leave (real estate) to someone by the terms of a will.

Synonyms of Devise

Add a codicil, Arrange, Assemble, Assign, Attested copy, Beget, Bequeath, Bequeathal, Bequest, Bestow, Blueprint, Breed, Bring forth, Bring into being, Build, Calculate, Call into being, Cast, Chart, Codicil, Cogitate, Coin, Collogue, Collude, Compose, Compound, Conceive, Concert, Concoct, Connive, Conspire, Construct, Contrive, Convey, Cook up, Create, Cut out, Design, Develop, Discover, Dispose of, Dope out, Draft, Dream up, Elaborate, Engender, Entail, Erect, Evolve, Execute a will, Extrude, Fabricate, Fashion, Figure, Forecast, Forge, Form, Formulate, Frame, Fudge together, Generate, Get up, Give, Give being to, Give rise to, Hand down, Hand on, Hatch, Hatch up, Improvise, Indite, Inheritance, Intend, Intrigue, Invent, Lay plans, Leave, Legacy, Legate, Machinate, Make, Make a bequest, Make a projection, Make a will, Make arrangements, Make do with, Make up, Manufacture, Mature, Methodize, Mint, Mold, Organize, Originate, Pass on, Patch together, Piece together, Plan, Plan ahead, Prearrange, Prefabricate, Prepare, Probate, Procreate, Produce, Program, Project, Put together, Put up, Raise, Rationalize, Rear, Run up, Schedule, Schematize, Scheme, Set up, Shape, Spawn, Strike out, Systematize, Testament, Think out, Think up, Transfer, Transmit, Vamp up, Whomp up, Will, Will and bequeath, Will to, Work out, Work up, Write, Leave, Leave in ones will, Will, Make over, Pass on, Hand on, Hand down, Cede, Consign, Commit, Entrust, Grant, Transfer, Convey, Conceive, Think up, Come up with, Dream up, Draw up, Work out, Form, Formulate, Concoct, Design, Frame, Invent, Coin, Originate, Compose, Construct, Fabricate, Create, Produce, Put together, Make up, Develop, Evolve

How to use Devise in a sentence?

  1. A training program should be devised.
  2. The issue, however, is whether the language of the devise of the Somerset Estate can fairly be interpreted so as to include the rights under the s. 2 reverter.
  3. All the residue of my estate, including real and personal property, I give, devise, and bequeath to Earlham College.

Meaning of Devise & Devise Definition