Definition of Deviation:

  1. Deviate from prescribed courses or accepted standards.

  2. The deviation of the ship's compass needle is due to the iron on the ship, which varies according to the direction of the ship.

  3. Acquisition: Deviations from terms or specifications that do not alter the basis of the agreement or affect its performance. See also sewing.

  4. The difference between a measure and a fixed value, such as an average.

  5. Statistics - Variation between values ​​in data compiled to measure a central trend, such as B-average, median or fashion.

  6. Shipping - Diverting a shipment by a designated route is a fundamental breach of a transport agreement and usually results in some carrier fines.

  7. General: Deviation from the agreed course, design, average or procedure.

Synonyms of Deviation

Straying, Mutability, Irreconcilability, Erraticism, Reshaping, Redesign, Conceit, Crotchetiness, Opposition, About-face, Indirection, Variousness, Standard deviation, Nonuniformity, Circuition, Revolution, Crosswiseness, Ambages, Degenerative change, Unpreciseness, Meandering, Veering, Kink, Discongruity, Nonstandardization, Recalcitrance, Variance, Abnormity, Whimsicality, Unconventionality, Adaptation, Total change, Breach, Side path, Circummigration, Constructive change, Realignment, Gradual change, Anomalism, Variability, Modulation, Irregularity, Restructuring, Heteromorphism, Dissonance, Wheeling, Contrariety, Deterioration, Disaccord, Nonobservance, Disproportion, Circuit, Indirectness, Deflection, Jerkiness, Decentralization, Unevenness, Wavering, Disagreement, Separation, Motleyness, Crotchet, Inaccordance, Dissent, Warp, Diversification, Tortuosity, Circling, Fault, Inferiority, Gyre, Deviance, Unrigorousness, Variation, Alteration, Skewness, Approximation, Nonconformance, Separateness, Anamorphism, Superiority, Anomalousness, Inconsonance, Violation, Orbit, Knot, Turn, Spiral, Squint, Irregularity, Reform, Choppiness, Recusance, Derangement, Idiosyncrasy, Recusancy, Inharmony, Change of heart, Wrench, Double, Nonconcurrence, Looseness, Discursion, Digression, Sidetrack, Singularity, Mercuriality, Spreading out, Inharmoniousness, Vagary, Gnarl, Trick, Changeableness, Uncorrectness, Side road, Qualification, Discordance, Byway, Worsening, Alteration, Divergence, Crankism, Centrifugence, Continuity, Erraticness, Crackpotism, Apostasy, Transverseness, Error, Break, Freakishness, Divarication, Difference, Abnormality, Shift, Bend, Pluralism, Conversion, Refractoriness, Freakiness, Fluctuation, Buckle, Upheaval, Contortion, Blunder, Probable error, Flip-flop, Dottiness, Spread, Diagonality, Sudden change, Switch, Quirkiness, Anamorphosis, Dissimilarity, Roundaboutness, Heterogeneity, Teratism, Departure, Circumambience, Accommodation, Remaking, Differentiation, Variableness, Crookedness, Spreading, Disparity, Variation, Incompatibility, Eccentricity, Anomaly, Anomaly, Variegation, Inconstancy, Incorrectness, Aberration, Amelioration, Inexactness, Laxity, Yaw, Roundabout way, Detour, Dappleness, Abnormality, Radical change, Degeneration, Idiocrasy, Deflexure, Circumnavigation, Departure, Spiraling, Declination, Overthrow, Adjustment, Fitting, Whimsy, Oddness, Circumambulation, Contrast, Lopsidedness, Unconformism, Fanning out, Tolerance, Circumlocution, Lapse, Episode, Modification, Crankiness, Instability, Aberrance, Melioration, Deployment, Circumbendibus, Circuitry, Disaccordance, Wring, Diversity, Unconformity, Distinction, Freakishness, Tack, Nonconformity, Imprecision, Betterment, Defection, Divagation, Disorder, Odds, Distortion, Wrest, Turning aside, Deflection, Digression, Transgression, Negligence, Raggedness, Twist, Unnaturalness, Discreteness, Variety, Inconsistency, Unnaturalism, Nonconformism, Disconformity, Discontinuity, Inaccuracy, Turning, Violent change, Deviancy, Distinctness, Splaying, Circulation, Unlikeness, Crank, Noncompliance, Roundabout, Amorphism, Discrepancy, Circumambiency, Circumflexion, Gyring, Versatility, Unfactualness, Quip, Unsymmetry, Circularity, Turnabout, Change, Torsion, Unorthodoxy, Reversal, Obliquity, Screw, Predictable error, Protest, Revivification, Differentness, Discrepancy, Division, Diversion, Inequality, Transition, Whim, Failing, Maggot, Divergence, Difference, Circuitousness, Asymmetry, Changeability, Capriciousness, Far cry, Monstrosity, Divergency, Excursus, Re-creation, Variance, Improvement, Aberrancy, Excursion, Strangeness, Inaccurateness, Incongruity, Inconsistency, Subnormality, Fanning, Reformation, Mannerism, Bypass, Unsteadiness, Allowance, Orbiting, Otherness, Mixture, Queerness, Quirk, Originality, Revival, Mitigation, Peculiarity, Aberration, Inexactitude, Deviousness, Oddity, Bypath, Renewal, Obliqueness, Rounding, Imbalance, Detorsion

How to use Deviation in a sentence?

  1. In 1819, Barlow began working on the problem with the ship's compass deflection due to the presence of iron in the hull.
  2. Growing interest in agriculture Taking an interest in your mechanics over the years is an important holiday.
  3. I like to deliberately assess the risk and this usually includes an understanding of possible deviations from the average event.
  4. Most of the young people at the time decided that it was inappropriate to deviate to show that they were rebelling in a normal way.
  5. A significant deviation from meaning.
  6. Deviation from the standard

Meaning of Deviation & Deviation Definition