Development Is Multidirectional

Development Is Multidirectional

What is a multidimensional concept?

Describing something that is multidimensional means that it is complex. You can talk about a multidimensional book full of intricate topics, characters, intrigues and symbols, or you can even call a multidimensional person if they have a particularly intricate personality.The question also arises why development is a multidimensional concept.Develop a multidimensional concept. There was a worldwide belief that development was first and foremost economic growth, which means that one day a country would develop. There is no definition of development because people have different interpretations of development.

So the question is, why should you use multidimensional analysis?

Multidimensional analysis allows users to look at the data from different angles. This allows them to identify trends or exceptions in the data. A hierarchy is an ordered set of related dimensions. In Web Intelligence, you can zoom in or out for multidimensional analysis.

You might also be wondering, what is another word for multidimensional?






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What is a multidimensional universe?

The multiverse is a hypothetical grouping of several universes. Together, these universes encompass everything that exists: space, time, matter, energy, information, and the physical and constant laws that describe them.

How is development multidimensional?

Development is multidimensional, i.e. there is a dynamic interplay of factors such as physical, emotional and psychosocial development. Development is multifaceted and leads to gains and losses throughout life. The development is plastic, which means that the properties are malleable or modifiable.

What does development mean?

Development is a process that leads to growth, progress, positive change or the addition of physical, economic, ecological, social and demographic components.

What does multidimensional mean in psychology?

Life development is about the growth and change of people at all stages of life. Development is multidimensional in the sense that it occurs in many different dimensions, including biological, cognitive and socio-emotional ones.

Why is economic development a multidimensional process?

Economic development is a multidimensional process involving major changes in the social structure, in the attitudes of the population and in national institutions, as well as the acceleration of economic growth, the reduction of inequalities and the elimination of absolute poverty (Todaro, 1977).


Sustainable development is a synthesis of economic, ecological and social considerations for the present and above all for the future. The multidimensional value of sustainable development consists of three pillars that can work together for the benefit of present and future generations.

What is the development context?

Evolutionary contextualism is a perspective that considers human development as inseparable and connected to the different contexts of the individual’s life (Lerner 1991, 1995).

To what extent is population education a multidimensional educational process?

Population training is a multidimensional educational process for the following reasons: It helps people make rational and responsible decisions about population-related processes, behaviors and topics.

Why is communication seen as a multi-dimensional and multi-layered process?

Feedback Feedback is the most important part of the communication process as it allows the sender to analyze the effectiveness of the message. After all, communication is multidimensional because it is an aspect of the content and relationship with all messages.

What’s the other word for holistic?

complete, uniform, integrated, holistic, complete, integrated, uniform, complete, coherent.

What is the synonym for construction?

build (noun) Synonyms: design, concept, representation, model, idea, construction, fabrication, assembly, assembly, train. Antonyms: destroy, dismantle, dismantle, dismantle.

Is multidimensionality a word?

For example, disabled, linked to or with more than one dimension.

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What is the synonym for extended?

SYNONYM. all inclusive, all inclusive, complete. comprehensive, comprehensive, comprehensive, comprehensive, parent, umbrella, comprehensive, depth, encyclopedia, universal, catholic, eclectic. far-reaching, radical, far-reaching, all-round, carpets, wholesale. wide, wide, wide, wide.

What is the synonym for complicated?

complicated. Synonyms: complicated, intricate, stupid, labyrinthine, confusing, complicated. Antonyms: simple, evasive, pure, direct, obvious.

How do I perform multidimensional resizing?

Basic steps: Assign a number of points to coordinates in dimension space. Calculate Euclidean distances for all pairs. Compare the similarity matrix to the original input matrix by evaluating the voltage function. Adjust coordinates as needed to minimize stress.

Development Is Multidirectional