Definition of Developer:

  1. Person or a firm that improves raw land with labor and capital, and arranges for utilities and essential services, in order to sell subdivided parcels of land or to build structures for rent and/or sale.

  2. A person or thing that develops something.

Synonyms of Developer

A, Architect, Contriver, Designer, Deviser, Enterpriser, Entrepreneur, Fixer, Fixing bath, Framer, Hypo, Organizer, Planner, Processing solution, Projector, Promoter, Short-stop, Short-stop bath, Sodium hyposulfite, Sodium thiosulfate, Soup, Stop bath, Strategian, Strategist, Tactician, Originator, Creator, Initiator, Institutor, Instigator, Organizer, Father, Founding father, Prime mover, Architect, Engineer, Designer, Deviser, Developer, Pioneer, Author, Planner, Framer, Inventor, Mastermind, Maker, Producer, Builder, Constructor

How to use Developer in a sentence?

  1. The web developer was one of the best in the country and knew exactly what to do in order to drive traffic to his site.
  2. A property developer.
  3. You should be in tight with your developer so he takes all of your suggestions to heart when he starts out.
  4. You should try and be in constant contact with your developer so you know how everything is progressing as it goes.

Meaning of Developer & Developer Definition