Definition of Developed:

  1. Advanced or elaborated to a specified degree.

  2. Characteristic of a component, item, or process which exists, is workable, and can be offered for sale.

Synonyms of Developed

Advanced, Aged, Ameliorated, Archetypical, Beautified, Bettered, Blooming, Blossoming, Budding, Burgeoning, Civilized, Classic, Complete, Consummate, Converted, Crescent, Cultivated, Cultured, Educated, Embellished, Enhanced, Enriched, Entire, Exemplary, Expert, Finished, Florescent, Flourishing, Flowering, Full, Full-blown, Full-fledged, Full-grown, Full-scale, Fully developed, Global, Growing, Grown, Grown-up, Hypertrophied, Improved, In full bloom, Intact, Masterful, Masterly, Mature, Matured, Mellow, Mellowed, Model, Overdeveloped, Overgrown, Perfected, Polished, Proficient, Quintessential, Refined, Reformed, Ripe, Ripened, Seasoned, Solid, Sprouting, Tempered, Thriving, Total, Transfigured, Transformed, Unabbreviated, Uncut, Undiminished, Unexpurgated, Whole, Informed, Aware, Educated, Knowledgeable, Learned, Wise, Literate, Intellectual, Tutored, Illuminated, Apprised

How to use Developed in a sentence?

  1. In order to help customers, the computer technician developed a software that could combat the viruses that were running rampant.
  2. Much of the software developed since the technological revolution has been aimed at addressing the fundamental human desire to communicate.
  3. A fully developed system of public law.
  4. The new idea had been developed and made available for sale so we were able to take that new resource and turn a profit.

Meaning of Developed & Developed Definition

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