Definition of Detriment:

  1. Exemption or concession to use the legal rights of one party (breach of promise) in exchange for the promises of the other party (promise).

  2. Injury or damage condition.

  3. Damage, loss, injury or damage to any person or property.

Synonyms of Detriment

Ill, Stripping, Injury, Denial, Privation, Hurt, Hobbling, Grievance, Debit, Sabotage, Destruction, Outrage, Despoilment, Taking away, Evil, Step backward, Toxin, Drawback, Hurting, Wrong, Weakening, Vexation, Impairment, Handicap, Despoliation, Disrepair, Woe, Sickening, Mischief, Infringement, Bankruptcy, Bereavement, Corruption, Mayhem, Bane, Ruinousness, Forfeiture, Crying evil, Maiming, Breakdown, Defilement, Disability, Robbery, Dead loss, Blight, Damage, Atrocity, Denudation, Dilapidation, Prejudice, Losing, Divestment, Befoulment, Loss of ground, Disablement, Forfeit, Disadvantage, Loss, Inroad, Havoc, Ruin, Cost, Losing streak, Bad, Scathe, Poison, Pollution, Expense, Sacrifice, Crippling, Infection, Loser, Abomination, Mutilation, Harm, Venom, Liability, Incapacitation, Deprivation, Crack-up, Spoliation, Dispossession, Breakage, The worst, Total loss, Spoiling, Perdition, Encroachment, Collapse, Ruination

How to use Detriment in a sentence?

  1. He enjoys his work at the expense of his married life.

Meaning of Detriment & Detriment Definition