Definition of Determinism:

  1. Belief that all things in the world are subject to a universal law: every event follows from a cause and causes a next event to follow. Therefore, while nothing is predetermined, whatever happens under a given set of circumstances is determined by what options were available and what actions were taken or not taken. Based on the assumption that there are only a limited number of possible futures (which are constrained or circumscribed by present day forces and power structures) this philosophy contradicts the idea of empowerment and minimizes the importance of human choice and decision making. Held by many as a self-evident truth or the most fundamental law of nature, it is regarded by others as merely a rule of thumb which cannot be proved or disproved. Not to be confused with fatalism which states that every event is predetermined, and nothing what one may or may not do can change it.

Synonyms of Determinism

Calvinism, Aftertime, Afteryears, By-and-by, Course ahead, Crystal ball, Distant future, Election, Eventuality, Expectation, Fatalism, Foresight, Forward look, Future, Future tense, Futurism, Futurity, Hereafter, Immediate future, Immediate prospect, Imminence, Near future, Offing, Outlook, Posteriority, Predestinarianism, Predeterminism, Prediction, Probability, Project, Prophecy, Prospect, The future, The morrow, The sweet by-and-by, Time ahead, Time just ahead, Time to come, Tomorrow

How to use Determinism in a sentence?

  1. Jack believed in determinism and that made him live his life differently because he felt that his life was already known.
  2. When you are in a business sometimes you cant take the view of determinism , you must be able to adapt to all variables.
  3. My friend is big believer in determinism , he is always happy in the fact of knowing. I can understand why he smiles often.

Meaning of Determinism & Determinism Definition