Definition of Determinate:

  1. Having defined, definite boundaries or limits.

  2. Having exact and discernible limits or form.

Synonyms of Determinate

Absolute, Admitting no exception, All-out, Apodictic, Ascertained, Assured, Attested, Bound, Categorical, Certain, Certified, Circumscribed, Circumscript, Clear, Clear and distinct, Clear as day, Complete, Conclusive, Concrete, Constant, Decided, Decisive, Defined, Definite, Definitive, Delimited, Demarcated, Detailed, Determined, Diagnose, Different, Distinct, Distinguish, Distinguished, Downright, Encircled, Entire, Esoteric, Especial, Established, Exceptional, Explicit, Express, Extraordinary, Final, Finger, Fixed, Flat, Flat-out, Global, Guaranteed, Hedged about, Immovable, Immutable, Implicit, In the bag, Inalterable, Inappealable, Indisputable, Individual, Ineluctable, Inevitable, Inner, Intimate, Invariable, Limited, Made sure, Minute, Nailed down, Narrow, Necessary, Noteworthy, On ice, Open-and-shut, Out-and-out, Outright, Particular, Peremptory, Perfect, Perfectly sure, Personal, Pinpoint, Place, Positive, Precise, Predestined, Predetermined, Private, Proved, Recognize, Respective, Restricted, Round, Secure, Set, Settled, Several, Singular, Solipsistic, Special, Specific, Spot, Stated, Straight, Straight-out, Sure, Sure-enough, Surrounded, Tested, Total, Tried, True, Unalterable, Unambiguous, Unchangeable, Uncircumscribed, Unconditional, Unconditioned, Undoubting, Unequivocal, Unhampered, Unhesitating, Univocal, Unlimited, Unmistakable, Unmitigated, Unmodifiable, Unqualified, Unquestioning, Unreserved, Unrestricted, Unwaivable, Utter, Warranted, Whole, Without exception, Without reserve, Fixed, Settled, Specified, Quantified, Established, Defined, Explicit, Known, Determined, Definitive, Conclusive, Express, Precise, Final, Ultimate, Absolute, Categorical, Positive, Definite

How to use Determinate in a sentence?

  1. The phrase has lost any determinate meaning.

Meaning of Determinate & Determinate Definition