Definition of Detailed:

  1. Having many details or facts; showing attention to detail.

  2. Thorough; containing lots of individual parts or aspects. Being detailed means giving large amounts of care and consideration to all parts and aspects of something. A project can be detailed in the sense that it may have many fine points and caveats to consider.

Synonyms of Detailed

Comprehensive, Full, Complete, Circumstantial, Thorough, Exhaustive, All-inclusive, Absolute, Abundant, Accurate, Attentive, Blow-by-blow, Certain, Circumstantial, Close, Complete, Complex, Complicated, Comprehensive, Concrete, Conscientious, Copious, Correct, Critical, Defined, Definite, Delicate, Demanding, Determinate, Different, Distinct, Distinguished, Elaborate, Esoteric, Especial, Exact, Exacting, Exceptional, Exhausting, Exhaustive, Exigent, Express, Exquisite, Extraordinary, Fine, Finical, Finicking, Finicky, Fixed, Full, Fussy, Inclusive, Individual, Inner, Intimate, Intricate, Itemized, Meticulous, Minute, Narrow, Nice, Noteworthy, Ornate, Particular, Particularized, Personal, Picayune, Precise, Precisianistic, Precisionistic, Private, Punctilious, Punctual, Refined, Religious, Respective, Rigid, Rigorous, Scrupulous, Scrutinizing, Several, Singular, Solipsistic, Special, Specific, Strict, Subtle, Thorough, Thoroughgoing

How to use Detailed in a sentence?

  1. The new book was very detailed and had a lot of really great and memorable scenes that I really enjoyed.
  2. More detailed information was needed.
  3. You should always try to keep detailed notes so that if you need to go back and check something out you will understand it.
  4. When you are filling out your reports you should be as detailed as possible so that everyone understands the full process.

Meaning of Detailed & Detailed Definition

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