Definition of Detached:

  1. A term used in real estate transactions to define a residential unit that shares no common walls with another house or dwelling. A detached home is a permanent dwelling, usually set on a separate lot and includes ownership rights to the land on which it is situated. A detached home is almost always considered a single-family home, meaning all internal areas are shared and in common. Also called single detached dwelling.

  2. Separate or disconnected.

Synonyms of Detached

Unfastened, Disconnected, Disengaged, Parted, Separated, Separate, Uncoupled, Removed, Loosed, Loosened, Untied, Unhitched, Undone, Unhooked, Unbuttoned, Unzipped, Free, Severed, Cut off, Hacked off, Torn off, Broken off, Laodicean, Olympian, Abstract, Afoot and lighthearted, Alien, Alienated, Alone, Aloof, Apart, Apathetic, At large, At liberty, Backward, Bashful, Benumbed, Blah, Blank, Blase, Bored, Broken, Candid, Careless, Casual, Chilled, Chilly, Clear, Cold, Colorless, Comatose, Companionless, Constrained, Cool, Cut off, Desensitized, Disarticulated, Disconnected, Discontinuous, Discreet, Discrete, Disengaged, Disinterested, Disjoined, Disjoint, Disjointed, Disjunct, Dislocated, Dispassionate, Dispersed, Disrelated, Dissociated, Distant, Disunited, Divided, Divorced, Dull, Easygoing, Emancipated, Equitable, Estranged, Evenhanded, Exclusive, Exotic, Expressionless, Extraneous, Fair, Footloose, Footloose and fancy-free, Forbidding, Foreign, Free, Free and easy, Free as air, Freeborn, Freed, Friendless, Frigid, Frosty, Gapped, Go-as-you-please, Guarded, Heartless, Hebetudinous, Heedless, Homeless, Hopeless, Icy, Impartial, Impassive, Impersonal, In a backwater, In a stupor, In the clear, Inaccessible, Incoherent, Incommensurable, Incomparable, Inconsistent, Incurious, Independent, Indifferent, Insouciant, Insular, Introverted, Irrelative, Isolate, Isolated, Just, Kithless, Languid, Lethargic, Liberated, Listless, Lofty, Lone, Lonely, Lonesome, Loose, Mindless, Modest, Neutral, Nonadherent, Nonadhesive, Nonchalant, Noncoherent, Noncohesive, Numb, Numbed, Objective, Offish, On the loose, Open, Other, Out-of-the-way, Out-of-the-world, Outlandish, Passive, Phlegmatic, Pluckless, Poker-faced, Quarantined, Regardless, Released, Remote, Removed, Repressed, Reserved, Resigned, Restrained, Reticent, Retired, Retiring, Rootless, Scattered, Scot-free, Secluded, Seclusive, Segregate, Segregated, Selfless, Separate, Separated, Sequestered, Shrinking, Shut off, Single-handed, Slack, Sluggish, Solitary, Solo, Soporific, Spiritless, Spunkless, Standoff, Standoffish, Stoic, Stolid, Strange, Stupefied, Subdued, Supine, Suppressed, Tenuous, Torpid, Unabetted, Unaccompanied, Unadhesive, Unaffable, Unaffiliated, Unaided, Unallied, Unapproachable, Unassisted, Unassociated, Unattached, Unattended, Unbiased, Uncaring, Uncoherent, Uncohesive, Uncommitted, Unconcerned, Uncongenial, Unconnected, Undazzled, Undemonstrative, Unemotional, Unengaged, Unescorted, Unexpansive, Unfastened, Unfrequented, Ungenial, Uninfluenced, Uninquiring, Uninterested, Uninvolved, Unjaundiced, Unjoined, Unmindful, Unprejudiced, Unprepossessed, Unrelatable, Unrelated, Unseconded, Unselfish, Unsupported, Unswayed, Untenacious, Unvisited, Withdrawn

Meaning of Detached & Detached Definition