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To separate my TV from receiver control! What do you think about doing this? 3

Look I bought my TV I have on and off as receiver control !! Now I wanted to do more than pop up other songs and when I re-installed it I turned it off or turned off the TV receiver! Does anyone know how to avoid?

Instead of linking to UTV, friends attach to the back of the receiver on the twina link and off or the receiver to the steel. Will cancel

Separate or receive

It ends as my control, it's easy.

You can control yourself with one click of the TV button, and you can use your voice to control your TV like a receiver control. Lemndo: The buttons on the receiver are not the same buttons on the controls on the television.

Some televisions don't accept it, that is, they don't!

You will see behind the receiver you will see the input of the TV on which you put the channels on your یا or the place where your TV should be placed and then try to insert someone else If you have a receiver and da cs tv plus sitter or plug do ctv and just put it there

Desligar Tv