Desktop Publishing

Desktop Publishing,

What is The Meaning of Desktop Publishing?

  • You can define Desktop Publishing as, Prepare printed materials, magazines, books, etc. With small computers and printers.

Literal Meanings of Desktop Publishing


Meanings of Desktop:
  1. Counter top level

  2. Computer suitable for use in a general office.

  3. The computer screen desktop is considered to represent a mock desktop and includes icons that represent items such as files and trash.

Sentences of Desktop
  1. However, there is one problem that crumbling tablets and mice do not have: more noise levels.

  2. For comparison, I used a cheap laminated carpet and the tablet itself.

  3. He looked at the table and drew a hidden pattern on the surface.

  4. There is a wide range of table tops to match modern flower pots, boxes, tables and pens.

  5. In the afternoon, he cleaned the business leaders' offices so they could arrive the next morning and find empty trash cans and clean rings on their desks.

  6. In the 1980s, wooden planks were replaced by gray pieces.

  7. The company sold about 7,700 desktop computers earlier this year and is equally popular with adults and children alike.


Meanings of Publishing:
  1. The profession, business or activity of preparing and publishing books, magazines and other materials for sale.

Sentences of Publishing
  1. Outsourced journalism, commonly known as commissioned or personalized publishing, is a growing industry in the West.

  2. In the eyes of the general publishing industry and popular culture, this position seems less heroic or anti-competitive than arrogant.

  3. We recognize this area of ​​creative activity that goes beyond university publications.

  4. Let's face it, this is the secret to publishing a very dirty college. You can post almost anything if you are too low on the impact factor list.

  5. My theory is based on speculation, which is currently not the case in financial journalism or scientific publications.

  6. Another element of university publishing is books, especially research monographs.