Desktop publishing (DTP)

Desktop publishing (DTP),

Definition of Desktop publishing (DTP):

  1. Using specialized software and high resolution printer(s) to assemble, design, and produce commercial quality printed material. DTP is usually cost effective only in very specialized jobs (such as multicolor network diagrams) or in short print runs. See also on demand printing.

  2. The production of printed matter by means of a printer linked to a desktop computer, with special software. The system enables reports, advertising matter, etc., to be produced cheaply with a layout and print quality similar to that of typeset books.

How to use Desktop publishing (DTP) in a sentence?

  1. Todd had become a lot more experienced with desktop publishing and, by the time he wrote his third e-book, he knew the process for manually putting out his book by heart.
  2. Having a good desktop publishing set up at your work will make sure that all the things your company puts out look very professional.
  3. When you need to put out a high quality memo or note using good desktop publishing will make a much better presentation.
  4. Are there any plans for an article or two on the state of desktop publishing software and production on Linux?.

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