Definition of Designation:

  1. Selection and appointment of a person to hold a public office.

  2. A person's appointment, selection or ranking in a different category from another. The act of identifying someone else.

  3. Government: A sign of the important place for the US government.

Synonyms of Designation

Eponym, Precision, Denomination, Stamp, Trinomial name, Definition, Choice, Hyponym, Euonym, Mark, Binomial name, Cast, Handle, Pigeonhole, Identification, Ordination, Empty title, Binomen, Stripe, Election, Strain, Indicativeness, Proposal, Manner, Differentiation, Byword, Ordainment, Picking out, Kind, Clan, Pigeonholing, Tribe, Kidney, Characterization, Pointing, Stipulation, Picking, Epithet, Kin, Lot, Ilk, Choosing, Nicknaming, Form, Race, Sort, Nomen, Selection, Indication, Appellation, Signification, Line, Trinomen, Naming, Terming, Proper noun, Breed, Species, Namesake, Recognition, Cognomen, Hint, Brand, Feather, Transferral, Baptism, Christening, Nomination, Persuasion, Color, Nature, Type, Tabbing, Meaning, Specification, Tag, Proper name, Style, Name, Honorific, Shape, Determination, Assignment, Cryptonym, Grain, Secret name, Pointing out, Variety, Make, Fixing, Attribution, Identifying, Pinning down, Disclosure, Number, Mold, Appointment, Title, The likes of, Denotation, Posting, Symptomaticness, Allocation, Nomination, Naming, Moniker, Tautonym, Classification, Show, Nomen nudum, Manifestation, Calling, Blood, Genus, Phylum, Label, Description, Showing, Selection, Scientific name, Suggestion, Genre, Appellative, Styling, The like of, Character, Expression, Pointing to, Fingering, Appointment

How to use Designation in a sentence?

  1. Executive appointment of his own successor.

Meaning of Designation & Designation Definition