Designated Operations Exclusion Endorsement

Designated Operations Exclusion Endorsement,

What is The Meaning of Designated Operations Exclusion Endorsement?

  • Designated Operations Exclusion Endorsement means, It is used to exclude Certificate of Liability Insurance (CGL) coverage for certain tasks. Disclaimer - Cancellation of a designated adjournment (GC 21 53) may be used by the designated policyholder or at a designated place for business proceedings issued by him / her. Exception - The designated activities covered under the Stable Passenger Insurance Program (GC21 54) do not include activities related to the listed projects where the insurance contractor is covered under a comprehensive insurance program. GC 21 53 can also be used to exclude ongoing activities in progress by contractors to track completed projects against these projects, as most dismissal programs only provide limited tracking of completed projects. ۔

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