Designated Employees

Designated Employees,

What is Designated Employees?

  1. Railway employees are insured through the Railway Liability Policy (RRP) and are directly involved in the activities of the railway company. The EIA's security measures apply to the responsibility of the railways, resulting in negligence of some employees and injury of others.

Literal Meanings of Designated Employees


Meanings of Designated:
  1. Point someone (someone) to a particular place or location.

  2. Assigned to a position or location, but not yet installed.

Sentences of Designated
  1. He was appointed Prime Minister

  2. Appointed by the Director

Synonyms of Designated

delegate, nominate, appoint, depute


Meanings of Employees:
  1. The person who is hired or paid, especially at the non-executive level.

Sentences of Employees
  1. In general, there is no formal structure for employee representation at the board level.

Synonyms of Employees

member of the workforce, member of staff, worker