Designated Contractor

Designated Contractor,

What is The Definition of Designated Contractor?

  • As stated in the Owner and Contractor Liability Insurance (OCP), the contractor buys insurance from the party for which he is working. Nominated contractors are not insured under the OCP policy.

Literal Meanings of Designated Contractor


Meanings of Designated:
  1. Point to a specific location or location.

  2. Raised for office or post, but not yet installed.

Sentences of Designated
  1. He was appointed Prime Minister

  2. Director appointed

Synonyms of Designated

nominate, appoint, depute, delegate


Meanings of Contractor:
  1. An individual or legal entity that enters into an agreement to provide materials or labor for the performance of services or tasks.

Sentences of Contractor
  1. School meals are provided by private businesses.

Synonyms of Contractor

partner, dealer, venture capitalist, promoter, arranger, fixer, impresario, speculator, financier, entrepreneur, businessman, contractor, trader, director, businesswoman, manager