Design brief

Design brief,

Definition of Design brief:

  1. Key project planning document that specifies what the project has to achieve, by what means, and within what timeframe.

How to use Design brief in a sentence?

  1. Before we began working on the project, we had to check out the design brief , which would take us through the whole process of what we wanted to achieve.
  2. All key-personnel worked together on creating a design brief , but some of the staff was concerned that it was a bit too idealistic.
  3. The design brief was a useful tool or document to reference throughout the projects life as we had measurable goals.

Meaning of Design brief & Design brief Definition

Design Brief

A brief statement explaining the purpose of the project and determining the need or possibility of a solution after analysis, research and study. It typically defines the project's users, success criteria, constraints, available resources, and timeline, and may also include potential outcomes and impacts.