Design Blog

Having a blog is overtaking the Internet and is becoming the best way to get started with any online business. They are much easier to set up and maintain than standard websites. The one thing that a lot of beginners are not seeing is that they still need to be customizing their blogs to match their business and personality.

There are some very easy to follow tips on just how can customize & design your blog so, you get noticed with all the millions of blogs out there today.

How To design A Blog?

The Header Of Your Blog

Do not use the standard titles that come with blogs, even if you have downloaded a free theme, get your header done. If you are familiar with photoshops or other graphic editors, add your business name and logo. If not, it is not that expensive to find a professional that will do it for you.

Be unique - add your voice to your blog. You can write about anything these days, be creative and following your passions.

Add Video

Today’s video is scorching and most are coming used to seeing some video on blogs and websites. Don’t be afraid to create your videos, you can even go to places like YouTube and grab videos related to your niche. If you can use software like PowerPoint, create your videos with ease. You don’t want these videos to belong, keep them short and to the point.


People love to see what they are buying if you are selling products. There are lots of places online that you can get photos of your products. Always have a picture of yourself on your blog. This makes you blog more personal and friendly to visitors. They want to see they are dealing with a real person.

Your navigation - This is so overlooked by many, make sure that your navigation is easy to understand and it states what is on that page. Don’t hide your navigation where your visitors have to hunt for what they want.

Color Schemes

Keep your blog layout design colors to soft and quiet colors. You don’t have to get wild with colors, most visitors will leave as they are there to read your content and having too many crazy colors can distract them.

Forms On Your Blog

You should always have a way for visitors to sign up for your newsletter or gift so you can keep in contact with them. Having a form on your blog is very easy to do you don’t have to know HTML coding or understand it at all. It is copied and paste into a simple place and you have a form.

Follow these quick tips, and you will have a blog design that is easy on the eyes and that people will remember. Then you can take your blog to the levels you have only dreamt of. Keeping these blog design layout tips in mind when setting up your blog will make things easier for you and will help you stand out from all the other blogs out there within your niche.