Definition of Desalination:

  1. Removal of salt (sodium chloride) and other minerals from the sea water to make it suitable for human consumption and/or industrial use. The most common desalination methods employ reverse-osmosis in which salt water is forced through a membrane that allows water molecules to pass but blocks the molecules of salt and other minerals.

  2. The process of removing salt from seawater.

How to use Desalination in a sentence?

  1. The ocean water has been sanitized, cleaned, and purified by desalination ,boiling and filtration in order to make it adequate for drinking.
  2. California is experiencing a drought, so I hope the state government decides to build a desalination plant around where I live.
  3. The newly constructed plant for the desalination of seawater remains inoperative.
  4. Since the city is near the coast, a desalination plant is the best option to provide fresh drinking water for the community.

Meaning of Desalination & Desalination Definition