Derivative Of X

Derivative Of X

Distinguish it?

((100 (403x) / x) (3) (100lnx)) / (403x) 2

Use fraction ... Matted. I don't remember the technical name. Great way to remember:

Going from the top to the bottom minus going from the bottom to the top, let's square the dying one.

The derivative of 100lnx is 100 / x. You can take 100, so lnx is a derivative (1 / x).

(403x) is derived from 3. You should already know this.

So let's use our practical equations.

(403x) (100 / x) (100lnx) (3)

/ (403x) 2

This is equivalent to:

(4000300x) / x 300lnx

/ (403x) 2

Use quote principle:

(F (x) g (x) f (x) g (x)) / (g (x)); 2)

= (4000300x + 300xlnx) / (x ((403x) 2))

Derivative Of X