Definition of Depot:

  1. Facility for the receipt, segregation, inspection, storage, issue and/or distribution of goods. Equipment depots provide the additional services of maintenance, repair, assembly, disassembly, etc.

  2. A place for the storage of large quantities of equipment, food, or some other commodity.

Synonyms of Depot

Archives, Armory, Arsenal, Attic, Bank, Basement, Bay, Bin, Bonded warehouse, Bookcase, Box, Bunker, Buttery, Cargo dock, Cellar, Chest, Closet, Conservatory, Crate, Crib, Cupboard, Depository, Dock, Drawer, Dump, Exchequer, Glory hole, Godown, Hold, Hutch, Library, Locker, Lumber room, Lumberyard, Magasin, Magazine, Rack, Repertory, Repository, Reservoir, Rick, Shelf, Stack, Stack room, Stock room, Storage, Store, Storehouse, Storeroom, Supply base, Supply depot, Tank, Terminal, Terminus, Treasure house, Treasure room, Treasury, Vat, Vault, Warehouse, Wine cellar, Storehouse, Warehouse, Store, Storage place, Storing place, Repository, Depository, Cache

How to use Depot in a sentence?

  1. An arms depot.
  2. You must have a good depot for your goods that you are shipping or receiving if you will be doing many big shipments.
  3. The depot was the next stop on the tour for the new business partners as we wanted to share all of our operations.
  4. I went to the Home Depot to see if they had the right type of wood I was looking for, so I could build a bathroom.

Meaning of Depot & Depot Definition

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