What Does Deposits Mean?

Deposits definition is: Investments in banks, mortgage lenders and other institutions to earn interest.

Meanings of Deposits

  1. Drop or drop (something or someone) at a particular place.

  2. Keep (some) in a safe place.

  3. Depositing money in a bank account or mortgage company.

  4. Amount to be paid as security as first payment on purchase or later on as contract with arrears.

  5. Layers or masses of accumulated matter.

  6. Putting something in a special place.

Sentences of Deposits

  1. Place a stack of school books on the kitchen counter

  2. A safe place where guests can keep valuables

  3. Money that is a substitute for a bank deposit or mortgage loan.

  4. We save a lot to pay for the house

  5. Add salt to the ink

  6. Submitting an article in a library does not guarantee copyright protection.

Synonyms of Deposits

accumulation, settle, rest, sit, place, stake , part payment, security , retainer , security, stake, partial payment , advance payment, put down, sediment, pledge , lay, unload, put, money in the bank , set, pledge, down payment, installment , lay down, instalment

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Deposits Definition:

  1. Money invested in banks, mortgage lenders and other institutions to generate interest.

Meanings of Deposits

  1. Deposits in a bank account or mortgage company.

  2. The amount paid as the first installment in the purchase of goods or as a guarantee of the contract, the remaining amount is due later.

  3. Layers or masses of collected material.

  4. (Something or someone) falling or falling in a certain place.

Sentences of Deposits

  1. Adding salt to the ink.

  2. Submitting an article to a library does not guarantee copyright protection.

  3. Put a pile of school books on the kitchen table.

  4. A safe where guests can store valuables.

Synonyms of Deposits

posit, coating, prepayment, money up front, covering, let fall, plonk, lay (down), fling down, plunk, put (down), park, shove, layer, set (down), unlade, pop, stick, blanket, ■■■■