Definition of Depository:

  1. A place where things are stored.

  2. As mentioned above, depositories are buildings, offices, and warehouses that allow consumers and businesses to deposit money, securities, and other valuable assets for safekeeping. Depositories may include banks, safehouses, vaults, financial institutions, and other organizations.

  3. Storage in which something is placed to be taken out later. In comparison, a repository is meant for indefinite or permanent placement.

  4. The term depository refers to a facility in which something is deposited for storage or safeguarding or an institution that accepts currency deposits from customers such as a bank or a savings association. A depository can be an organization, bank, or institution that holds securities and assists in the trading of securities. A depository provides security and liquidity in the market, uses money deposited for safekeeping to lend to others, invests in other securities, and offers a funds transfer system. A depository must return the deposit in the same condition upon request.

  5. Person or firm entrusted with safekeeping of funds, securities, or other valuable assets.

  6. Variant spelling of depositary.

Synonyms of Depository

Repository, Cache, Store, Storage place, Storeroom, Storehouse, Warehouse, Depot, Fort Knox, Archives, Armory, Arsenal, Attic, Bank, Basement, Bay, Bin, Bonded warehouse, Bookcase, Box, Bunker, Bursary, Buttery, Cargo dock, Cash register, Cashbox, Cellar, Chest, Closet, Coffer, Coin box, Conservatory, Crate, Crib, Cupboard, Depot, Dock, Drawer, Dump, Exchequer, Fisc, Glory hole, Godown, Gold depository, Hold, Hutch, Library, Locker, Lumber room, Lumberyard, Magasin, Magazine, Money chest, Penny bank, Piggy bank, Pork barrel, Public crib, Public till, Public treasury, Public trough, Rack, Repertory, Repository, Reservoir, Rick, Safe, Safe-deposit box, Shelf, Stack, Stack room, Stock room, Storage, Store, Storehouse, Storeroom, Strong room, Strongbox, Subtreasury, Supply base, Supply depot, Tank, Till, Treasure house, Treasure room, Treasure-house, Treasury, Vat, Vault, Warehouse, Wine cellar

How to use Depository in a sentence?

  1. Irish libraries became depositories for material from all over the world.
  2. They provide security and liquidity, use the money deposited to lend to others, invest in securities, and offer a funds transfer system.
  3. A depository is a facility or institution, such as a building, office, or warehouse, where something is deposited for storage or safeguarding.
  4. Depositories may be organizations, banks, or institutions that hold securities and assist in the trading of securities.

Meaning of Depository & Depository Definition


What is The Meaning of Depository?

Definition of Depository: The term custodian bank refers to an institution in which something is held in custody or for a suicide attack, or an institution that accepts foreign currency deposits from customers, such as a bank or savings bank association. A custodian can be an organization, bank or institution that owns securities and assists in securities trading. Supervisors provide security and liquidity in the market, lend money to third parties, invest in other securities and use the money in custody to offer a money transfer system. The trustee must submit the application on the same condition.

  • A storage space is any facility or facility, such as a building, office, or warehouse where something is kept for storage or protection purposes.
  • Securities can be organizations, banks or institutions that own securities and assist in securities trading.
  • They provide security and liquidity, use the money saved to lend to third parties, invest in securities and offer money transfer systems.

Meanings of Depository

  1. The place where the goods are stored.

  2. Storage spells vary

Sentences of Depository

  1. Irish libraries became archives of documents all over the world.