Definition of Deposition:

  1. The taking down of the body of Jesus Christ from the Cross.

  2. The process of giving sworn evidence.

  3. The action of deposing someone, especially a monarch.

  4. The action of depositing something.

  5. The individual making the deposition is known as the deponent. Since the deponent is under oath, false statements can carry civil and criminal penalties.

  6. A deposition is testimony made under oath and taken down in writing by an authorized officer of the court, typically in an out-of-court setting and before trial. Deposition is an integral part of the discovery process, which enables both sides involved in a legal case to learn all the pertinent facts and discover the other side’s view of the case, so as to map out an effective legal strategy. Depositions are usually taken from key witnesses, but can also involve the plaintiff or defendant, and often take place in an attorney's office rather than the courtroom.

  7. Recorded out-of-court testimony of a witness, or before a magistrate or judge, to obtain discovery of facts or for use in a trial. For out-of-court depositions, the witness must later appear in the court (unless dead, incapacitated, insane, or prevented by the accused) to testify in person, barring some exceptions.

Synonyms of Deposition

Depositing, Settling, Overthrow, Overturning, Toppling, Downfall, Removal from office, Removal, Unseating, Dethronement, Supplanting, Displacement, Dismissal, Discharge, Ousting, Drumming out, Throwing out, Forcing out, Driving out, Expulsion, Expelling, Ejection, Ejecting, Admission, Affidavit, Affirmation, Allegation, Allocation, Alluvion, Alluvium, Ash, Assertion, Asseveration, Assignment, Attest, Attestation, Authority, Authorization, Averment, Avouchment, Avowal, Bill, Bill of complaint, Bill of health, Cashiering, Certificate, Certificate of proficiency, Certification, Cinder, Claim, Clinker, Collocation, Complaint, Compurgation, Credential, Declaration, Deconsecration, Defrocking, Deployment, Deposal, Deposit, Deposits, Deprivation, Dethronement, Diluvium, Diploma, Disbarment, Disbarring, Disclosure, Discrownment, Disenthronement, Dismissal, Displacement, Disposition, Draff, Dregs, Dross, Ember, Emplacement, Excommunication, Expulsion, Feces, Firing, Forced resignation, Froth, Grounds, Impeachment, Instrument in proof, Kicking upstairs, Lading, Lees, Legal evidence, Libel, Liquidation, Loading, Localization, Locating, Location, Loess, Manifesto, Moraine, Narratio, Navicert, Nolle prosequi, Nonsuit, Notarized statement, Note, Offscum, Ousting, Overthrow, Overthrowal, Packing, Pensioning off, Pinpointing, Placement, Placing, Position paper, Positioning, Posting, Precipitate, Precipitation, Profession, Purge, Putting, Removal, Reposition, Retirement, Scoria, Scum, Sediment, Settlings, Sheepskin, Silt, Sinter, Situation, Slag, Smut, Solemn declaration, Soot, Spotting, Statement, Statement of belief, Statement of facts, Statement under oath, Stationing, Storage, Stowage, Sublimate, Superannuation, Suspension, Swearing, Sworn evidence, Sworn statement, Sworn testimony, Testamur, Testimonial, Testimonium, Testimony, Ticket, Unchurching, Unfrocking, Unseating, Visa, Vise, Voucher, Vouching, Warrant, Warranty, Witness, Word

How to use Deposition in a sentence?

  1. Pebbles formed by the deposition of calcium in solution.
  2. The deposition of four expert witnesses.
  3. The Pietà is the title given to the representation of the Virgin Mary, Mary Magdalene and St. John lamenting over the dead Christ after the Deposition and before the Entombment.
  4. Edward Vs deposition.

Meaning of Deposition & Deposition Definition


Definition of Deposition:

Testimony of an affidavit in the absence of a judge or jury to investigate prosecution evidence.

A submission is a written statement that is usually recorded in writing by an authorized court official out of court and before the trial. The deposit is an integral part of the discovery process, allowing both parties to discover all relevant facts in the judicial process and determine the other side of the case, so that an effective legal strategy can be developed. Statements are usually made by key witnesses, but may include the plaintiff or defendant and usually reside in legal institutions rather than in the courts.

Witness statement out of court before trial

Definition of Deposition: Oral statement before an official to take the oath. This statement is used to interview potential witnesses and draw conclusions that will be used later in the trial. Witness testimony in a place other than the public hearing.

Meanings of Deposition

  1. The task of assembling a person, especially a king.

  2. Oath of office

  3. The act of saving something.

  4. The desecration of the body of Jesus Christ on the cross.

Sentences of Deposition

  1. Edward vs. Collection

  2. Testimony of four experts

  3. Formed by the accumulation of calcium in gravel solution

  4. La Padad is a title representing the Virgin Mary, Mary Magdalene and St. John who mourn Christ's death after exile and before burial.