Depositary Receipt

Depositary Receipt,

Depositary Receipt Meanings:

  • A Certificate of Deposit (DR) is a discussion certificate issued by a bank representing the shares of a foreign company listed on a local stock exchange. The deposit slip gives investors the opportunity to own shares in overseas capitals and trade alternatives in international markets.

    • Certificate of Deposit (DR) are exchange certificates that represent shares of foreign companies listed on the local stock exchange.
    • Certificates of submission allow investors to hold shares in foreign companies without having to trade directly in foreign markets.
    • Certificates of submission allow investors to diversify their portfolios by purchasing shares of companies in different markets and economies.
    • Certificates of deposit are easier and cheaper than buying shares directly in foreign markets.

Literal Meanings of Depositary Receipt


Meanings of Depositary:
  1. A person who is entrusted with something.

  2. (Stocks or receipts) represent shares of foreign companies. Shares or payment slips are listed on stock exchanges in the investor's country and are not really shares in foreign banks.

Sentences of Depositary
  1. The first session of the Preparatory Conference was hosted by the New Zealand Convention Trustee on 23-28 April 2001 in Christchurch, New Zealand.

  2. Verification is by exchange of instruments or, in the case of multilateral agreements, by depositing in a designated depository.

  3. The Secretary-General is the archive of the various instruments of the Council of Europe for ratification, protection and withdrawal.


Meanings of Receipt:
  1. The process of accepting or accepting.

  2. Written or printed confirmation that something has been paid for or traded.

  3. The amount of money received by an organization or company over a period of time.

  4. Test or proof something.

  5. Mark as a receipt.

  6. Write a receipt for (goods or money)

Sentences of Receipt
  1. This office has received its temporary records

  2. As a consultant, I have received hundreds of letters from local residents expressing concern about the condition of our roads.

  3. It can be misleading to talk about the large number of children growing up in welfare families, as most beneficiary families do not live there long.

  4. The fact that the employee was fired while taking advantage of his contractual illness does not automatically mean that the dismissal is unjustified.

  5. The property heating and insulation improvement grant is available to retirees who receive pension credit or support benefits and who also receive disability benefits.

  6. The number of working age people receiving disability benefits increased from half a million in 1981 to more than two million in 2002.

  7. More than 50,000 low-income families benefit from the subsidy, which is funded by the Ministry of Social and Family Affairs.

  8. Recipients of social assistance are eligible.

  9. Parents who enjoy mobility benefits are particularly disadvantaged at age 65, he said this week.

  10. Currently, about 271 members are enrolling in the scheme, of which about 1,100 receive pensions.

Synonyms of Receipt

sales ticket, money received, getting, turnover, obtaining, income, payment received, takings, reception, till receipt, gaining, sales slip, earnings, revenue